“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

Why we are participating in the 2nd September 2016 strike
We are aware that National Trade Union Centers of our Country have given a clarion call for workers to participate in the 2nd September strike on 12 point Charter of Demands. The strike matters were discussed among the FNPO affiliated General Secretaries personally and debated on a marathon hours and consensus was reached to participate in the 2nd Sep 2016. Strike taking into consideration of anti-labour attitude of the Government. Mainly FNPO General Secretaries discussed issues relating to 7th CPC and its implications which affect the Central Government employees in the long run. Though the Government agree to appoint three committees on minimum wages, allowances and new Pension Scheme, we cannot presume the favorable recommendations of the committees at this stage.
Unilateral amendments to the Labour laws by the present Government will affect the trade union movement of the country. If we are away from the strike, we will be blamed by the future generations.
By participating in the one day strike can we change the scenario of the nation was also discussed by the General Secretaries at length. Finally we decided non-participation in the strike will affect the organization. The results are not important but organization is important. That is why we are participating in the strike.
Some of the unions are in the habit of participating in the one day strike to keep up their entity in their political arena and to achieve personal political ambitions.
Though we belong to INTUC, we have no political ambitions to improve our position in future. We are worried about the labour movement in general and welfare of Postal employees in particular. The postal Department is already functioning with huge shortage of staff and the Department is planning to outsource our permanent jobs through private agencies. This has already been implemented in the many international countries. Now the India Post started outsourcing vigorously. This will affect future employment to the citizens permanently. If we do not participate in the strike, we will become dishonest to the trade union movement.
There are many issues which we cannot express openly . But the FNPO is firm participating in the strike only to protect the labour movement in the country and not binding for any pressure.
We appeal to all our Divisional / Circle Secretaries to organize one day strike on 2-9-2016 successfully and make this strike a thundering success.
 Postman/MG DR Examination
 will be held on separate dates
 for the AP and Telangana Circles.