“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
 Doubts and clarifications on the strike day.
 Our Federation receiving calls from many cadres’ genuine doubts are clarified here.
 1) Why FNPO is participating strike?
 It is already published in our website and Federal sentinel August, 2016.
 2) Why FNPO participating one day strike?
 Situations are changed further this is  central trade unions call we have to obey as sincere soldiers.
 3) When there is a 24 hours office at what time strike start?
 It is clear strike starts12 at mid night on 01/09/2016.
 4) Circle /Regional& Divisional offices are holidays on Saturday and Sunday is there any chance the Department construes this point?
 Members who don’t want to participate strike created this issue. It is very clear strike is for only one day on 2nd September. Notice issued by central Trade unions accordingly and followed by us don’t create confusion.
 Do Participate in the 2nd September strike and feel proud. Cowards only run away from the battle not by sincere soldiers.