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Regarding revision of sanctioning limits related to claim cases arising out of Loss and Fraud Cases in the Department of Posts.

No. 17-07/2017-Inv 
Government of India 
Ministry of Communications
 Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi - 110001.

All Heads of Postal Circles/Regions.

Subject: Regarding revision of sanctioning limits related to claim cases arising out of Loss and Fraud Cases in the Department of Posts. 

The limits to sanction the claim cases, by the Divisional Heads (irrespective of class of Division) and Gazetted Postmasters Gr. A, arising out of loss and frauds, were last revised to Rs.5000/- vide this office letter no. 8-5/2003-Inv.(Pt) dated 5/6.6.2003- 

2. A need for revising the aforesaid limit was felt and accordingly the same stands revised with the approval of the Competent Authority, as below:
  • Limits to sanction claims by the Divisional Heads, irrespective of class of Division, shalt be Rs.25,000/- from present Rs. 5,000/- in each case, regardless of the status of the Divisional Superintendents and regardless to the aspect of recovery of the loss subject to the condition that the sanctioning authority has to ensure that there is no negligence on the part of the defrauded person in contributing the fraud and also that settlement of claim will not cause any hindrance in concluding the inquiry and fixing responsibility. 
  • Chief Postmasters, Deputy Chief Postmasters (equivalent to the rank of Divisional Head) and Sr. Postmasters [other than officiating DPM/APM] shall also enjoy the powers of the Divisional Head for this purpose in respect of the claims pertaining to the concerned HO/GPO. 
  • The powers to sanction claims involving above Rs. 25,000/- in each case without any upper limit will be with Regional Director /DPS (HQ) /PMG/CPMG, as the case may be. 
3. These powers will be personally exercised by the Concerned Authority. 

4. This issues with the concurrence of integrated Finance Wing vide their Diary No. 29/2003-24F A-CS(P) dated 05.06.2023

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Detailed Functional Requirements

 For Accounting Technology –


Accounting Technology under IT Modernization Project 2.0

As part of the IT Modernization Project 2.0, detailed functional requirements for Accounting Technology are being prepared to streamline financial activities within the Department of Posts. The Project Management Committee (PMC) - Accounting Technology, headed by the Sr. DDG(PAF), has met multiple times to deliberate on the implementation of accounting matters in IT Project 2.0. This article aims to provide an overview of the key recommendations and proposed modules for the Accounting Solution.



Key Recommendations:

  • Discontinue the use of SAP, an accrual-based accounting solution.
  • Implement a customized cash-based accounting solution.
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations of the Government of India and relevant Departmental Rules for accounting.

Proposed Modules:

Considering the diverse financial activities carried out by various offices within the Department, the proposed Accounting Solution, known as DoP-FMS (Department of Posts Financial Management System), acts as a comprehensive platform. DoP-FMS consists of a group of modules that integrate with each other based on specific needs and also connect with internal business applications and external systems. The following modules are proposed as part of the Accounting Solution:


1. IFA Module: Handles the functions related to Internal Financial Audit

2. Budget Module: Manages budget allocation and tracking

3. Sanction Module: Handles financial sanctions and approvals

4. Treasury Module: Manages treasury operations and cash flow

5. Bank Module: Integrates with banks for seamless transactions

6. Payments Module: Facilitates payment processing and management

7. Sub Accounts Module: Manages sub-accounts and their transactions

8. Accounts Module: Handles general accounting functions

9. Taxation Module: Manages taxation-related activities and compliance

10. Public Accounts Module: Handles public accounting and reporting

11. PAO Module: Manages Pay and Accounts Office operations

12. Pr. AO Module (PAF Wing): Addresses accounting functions specific to the PAF Wing

13. Internal Audit Module: Facilitates internal audit processes

Integration and Control:

The proposed Accounting Solution, DoP-FMS, acts as a unified platform for all financial activities within the Department of Posts. It ensures seamless integration between modules and incorporates built-in checks and balances at appropriate levels according to rules and roles. This integrated approach eliminates data silos and improves overall efficiency and accuracy in financial operations. Furthermore, DoP-FMS integrates with other internal business applications and external systems to facilitate a seamless flow of financial information.


- IFA Module

- Budget Module

- Sanction Module

Headed by: General Manager (F), Gujarat Circle, Ahmadabad



- Treasury Module

- Bank Module (CDDO)

- Payments Module

- Sub Accounts Module

- Accounts Module (DDO)

Headed by: General Manager (F), Delhi Circle, Delhi



- Taxation Module

- Public Accounts Module

- PAO Module

- Internal Audit Module

Headed by: General Manager (F), Madhya Pradesh# Circle, Bhopal



- Pr AO Module

- Validates and consolidates the requirements documents received from other Committees

Headed by: DDG (Budget & Accounts)

The committees are requested to adhere to the following guidelines while preparing the Functional Requirements for each module:

- Refer to the relevant Rules/Manuals to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

- Consider the dependency of data between modules and ensure appropriate integration.

- Review the presentation (Annexure-V) provided during the PMC meeting on 21st March 2023 to understand the module functionality.

Furthermore, the Field Committees are requested to submit their reports within 30 days from the date of this communication. Committee 4, in turn, will validate, consolidate, and finalize the detailed functional requirements of the entire Accounting Technology Solution within 10 days from receiving the reports from the field committees.

The committees are provided with a reporting format and general guidelines in the attached template (Annexure-VI). It is crucial for the committees to ensure comprehensive listing of all activities and include all relevant offices where the activities will be implemented. The aim is to avoid any omission of activities/offices in IT 2.0.

Given the time-bound nature of the project, the Chairpersons of the Committees are requested to promptly activate their respective committees with the designated members mentioned in the table provided in paragraph 4. If necessary, the committees may consult other circles for inputs, while ensuring adherence to the 30-day timeline. An understanding document encompassing all aspects of IT Modernization 2.0 is enclosed for reference (Annexure-VII).

The Committees should adopt a result-oriented approach and prioritize meeting the requirements. It is important to note that there should be no reference or comparison to features or challenges encountered in previous IT solutions (IT 1.0) while preparing the functional requirements for IT 2.0. The proposed solution is a customized one and should not be considered a continuation or modification of SAP.

The preparation of detailed functional requirements for Accounting Technology under IT Modernization Project 2.0 marks a significant milestone in the transformation journey of the Department of Posts. The recommended discontinuation of SAP in favor of a customized cash-based accounting solution and the emphasis on adherence to government and departmental rules highlight the commitment to efficiency and compliance. The proposed modules within DoP-FMS offer a comprehensive platform to manage the diverse financial activities carried out by the Department. With seamless integration, inbuilt controls, and connectivity with other systems, the Department of Posts is set to achieve enhanced financial management and transparency in its operations.

The following is the list of annexures mentioned in the given information:

1. Annexure-I: OM No. Tgy-48/6/2022-Technology-DOP dated 9th June 2022 (Communication from Technology Division regarding the setup of Project Management Committees)

2. Annexure-II: Solution Architecture (Scope of Committee - One Accounting Interface)

3. Annexure-III: Record of Discussions dated 21st December 2022 (Discussions of PMC-Accounting Technology)

4. Annexure-IV: Minutes of the Meeting dated 21st March 2023 (Meeting of PMC-Accounting Technology)

5. Annexure-V: Presentation (Provided during the PMC meeting on 21st March 2023)

6. Annexure-VI: Reporting Template (Format and guidelines for preparing functional requirements)

7. Annexure-VII: Understanding Document (Covering all aspects of IT Modernization 2.0)



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