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Hon’ble Minister Shri Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, has initiated a comprehensive survey.

Questionnaire for a survey on Estimation of role of DOP (Post Office) IT 1.0 Project on Postal services operations. 

Survey on IT 1.0 Project: Assessing Impact on India's Postal Services

In a significant move towards evaluating the impact of Project IT 1.0 on postal operations, India's Ministry of Communications, under the guidance of Hon’ble Minister Shri Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, has initiated a comprehensive survey. The project's effectiveness spans across key postal services, including India Post Bank and Postal Life  Insurance (PLI).

Objective and Scope

The primary objective of the survey is to gauge the effectiveness of IT 1.0 across various operational parameters within India Post. It aims to gather feedback from personnel at different levels, including system managers, divisional heads, postmen, and Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS). The scope extends to assessing improvements in mail operations (excluding ordinary mail), PLI services, and the integration of IT solutions in banking operations.

Implementation Strategy

To ensure comprehensive feedback, the Ministry has distributed specific questionnaires tailored for each service segment:

  1. Mail Operations: Feedback is solicited from system managers, divisional heads, postmen, IPs, ASPs, and GDS. This encompasses feedback on the efficiency and impact of IT 1.0 on mail delivery and related services.

  2. Postal Life  Insurance (PLI): The questionnaire targets divisional officers and field staff, including sub-divisional heads and GDS in rural areas. It focuses on improvements in PLI services due to IT interventions.

  3. India Post Bank (Core Banking Solutions): Feedback from system administrators, divisional heads, IPs, ASPs, postmen, and GDS members is sought to assess the integration of IT 1.0 in banking operations, specifically through Core Banking Solutions (Finacle).

Data Collection and Submission

The Ministry has mandated that each circle gathers responses from a minimum of 100 respondents across the specified roles. Responses are to be submitted both electronically and in hard copy format to the Office of DDG(STT) by June 25, 2024. Online submissions can be made via dedicated Google Forms created for each questionnaire type:

  • PLI & RPLI Feedback: 
  • Mail Operations Feedback: 
  • Core Banking Solutions Feedback: 

This dual approach ensures accessibility and ease of data submission, reflecting the Ministry's commitment to thorough assessment and transparency.


The survey represents a proactive step towards leveraging technology to enhance postal services' efficiency and customer satisfaction. By gathering feedback directly from operational staff, the Ministry aims to refine and optimize IT 1.0 initiatives, further reinforcing India Post's role in the digital age.

For further details and queries, concerned officials are encouraged to contact the Office of DDG(STT) or access the designated Google Forms.

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