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Relaxation of service condition for promotion to Postmen/MTS/MG from GDS

8th Pay commission - Reg

50% Pension of Basic Salary!

New Delhi, June 11: The NDA government at the center is going to announce a huge offer for employees. As part of the National Pension Scheme (NPS), it has been proposed that 50% of the final basic pay of the employees will be given as pension. Against the backdrop of objections to NPS and many states reverting to the old pension system, Finance Department Secretary TV Somanathan said, "In 2023, the Central Government has set up a committee. This committee studied the policies to be followed to make NPS more beneficial. In this background, the newly formed NDA government has proposed to give 50% of the last basic salary as pension to the employees. Somanathan Committee also recommended changes in NPS. It is reported that the Center has taken a fresh decision in this context. However.. Kavi T did not set any specific deadline for implementing his recommendations.

Sivaji Vasireddy SG FNPO.
Silver Jubilee Convention of National Association of Postal Employees Group C begins