“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
NUGDS Delegation met the GDS Pay Committee at Circle Office ,Hyderabad yesterday dated 2.8.2016 .
 On behalf of NUGDS, C/ S submitted 9 Annexures to the Pay Committee consisting of 1. MGNREGS & SSP
 MOU copies of MGNREGS & SSP
2.Consolidation reports of MGNREGS & SSP
3.Consideration of MGNREGS payments in to the workload assessment of GDS
4.Cash conveyance
5.GDS Compassionate appointments
6.GDS transfer
7.GDS to PA
8.Consideration of Compassionate Engagements of GDS discharged on Medical Invalidation
9.IPPB - Role of GDS employees and finally demanded the GDS Pay Committee to ammend the Rule 3 A of GDS Conduct & Engagement Rules.
 Committee responded positively.
 Let us hope for the best.