“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

 Today Our  AIC of AIAPA (FNPO) ingrated by Shri  AjayMaken  Former Central Minister . Shri O.P.Khanna  welcomed the gathering. 54 delegates across the Nation Participated the conference.
S/Shri  T.N.Rahate, President FNPO& S.G. FNPO D.Thegarajan& FNPO affiliated union Circle secretaries addressed AIC. More details will be published shortly.
After the  AIC inauguration  S/Shri  T.N.Rahate, President FNPO& S.G. FNPO D.Thegarajan  along with Shri TK.Govindarajan D.G.S. AIPAOA & MS.Sarangai  V.P AIPAOA met Chairman Postal Board and discussed Administrative offices issues at length  Secretary assured to settle the issues discussed by the team.