“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Today SG, FNPO & NUGDS General Secretary, met the following officers:
 1) GDS commission Chairman & Secretary
 2) Chairman Postal Board
 3) D.G Postal
 4) DDG (P) & DDG (FS)
 Outcome of the meeting
 1) GDS Committee will submit its report within few days. According to our observation, GDS committee report will be balanced expect Pay(wages).
 2) There may be some positive recommendation on Relaxation appointment,promotion & Trade Union facilities for the GDS Union.
 1)Regarding remuneration to Postal Staff and GDS, Postal Board will meet shortly and discuss the issue (remuneration). Let us hope for the best.
 2) The acceptance of cap for Rs.25000/- in B.Os has been lifted up to 30 th December 2016. An order issued by the Directorate today.
 3) In respect of the cadre restructuring of the RMS / SBCO and Circle Office, the file has been sent to DOP&T for further approval.
 4) MMS cadre restructuring : DOP&T approved the proposal. Now the file is with the Department of expenditure. It is expected that the Department of expenditure will clear the file at the end of this month.
 5)DEPARTMENTAL COUNCIL MEETING: It is expected to be held on 1 st December Formal notification expected soon.
6) Sunday i.e 20.11.2016 will not be a working day for the Post Offices. Mail sent to all Circle Heads by the Director (CBS)
Subject: Regarding Opening of Post Offices on Sunday (20.11.2016) for exchange of WOS Notes

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am directed to inform that the coming Sunday i.e. 20.11.2016 will not be a working day for the post offices. Instructions may be issued to all concerned.

With regards,

Sachin Kishore
Director (CBS)
Sansad Marg,
Dak Bhavan