“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
 out come of the today meeting  on Allowances :
Today"s meeting was called for to appraise the staff side about the  proposals prepared by the department . The official side was  of the view to proposing abolition of some of the allowance so that most required allowances could be got  approved from 7th CPC  Implementation Cell. In regard to OTA, there was some confusion from the Official Side that OTA was abolished by 5th, 6th and the  7th Pay Commission.  But it was informed by the staff side  that operative cadres are exempted from the purview of abolition by the previous pay commissions.

Further staff side  informed that we cannot change our earlier views at this stage.FNPO was represented by 1S/Shri. O.P.Khanna  General secretaryAIPAOA 2)  ShriBhagwan Finance secretary NAPE-C (P.III)  3) Davinder Kumar  AGS(R-III) 4) V.K.Mathur  Deputy G.S( P-IV)  5) Subhash Chaudhry ( P-IV)