“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
The following instructions are issued in r/o the accounting procedure for observance on 13.11.2016 and 15.11.2016: - Issued by CPMG, TN Circle
  1. Finacle is configured with working day on 13.11.2016 and EOD should be given as usual for 13.11.2016.
  2. LOT for all schemes and Consolidation should be generated in Finacle at the end of the day for 13.11.2016.
  3. All the cash received from Treasury and given to Treasury should be properly entered in the Hand to Hand receipt book and tallied with the Consolidation generated.
  4. No Day Begin and Day End to be given in any of the MM Module on 13.11.2016.
  5. All the SB transactions/cash remitted to treasurer/cash received from treasurer done on 13.11.2016 to be properly accounted for on 15.11.2016.
  6. All the remittances to / from should be properly entered in the Hand to hand receipt book with proper acquittance of both the officials (receiver/giver) with name & date/time. A copy of the same should be enclosed with LOTs generated on 13.11.2016.
  7. Postmaster should ensure that the cash is tallied properly on 13.11.2016
  8. All the SO should remit the physical cash available with them to its HO/Account office with a proper manual acquaintance.
Thanks and Regards,
AD (SB & FS)
O/o the Chief PMG
Tamilnadu Circle
Chennai 600 002⁠⁠⁠⁠