“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Success is having many fathers always but………

GDS  Bonus struggle end with the victory. Now everyone claims ,victory is ours.
FNPO & NUGDS steps on this issue required to  be recorded here.
1st September 2016 Department of post issued an order revising bonus to Rs.7000- to Departmental employees excluding GDS.
3rd September 2016   the Nugds General secretary wrote a  letter to The Secretary ,Department of  Post revise the Bonus ceiling to GDS employees.
15th September 2016   Our Federation sent a letter to  The Chairman ,Postal Board request to revise Bonus ceiling to GDS Colleagues.
16th September 2016    Postal JCA sent a letter to The Chairman, Postal Board request to revise Bonus ceiling to GDS
23rd September 2016    NFPE announced Dharna programme without consulting FNPO for this we posted  our view on the website the following , We don’t want comment more on this issue now. FNPO representatives will meet concerned officers next week. Till such time we don’t want to announce any agitation programme . GDS colleagues are requested to understand the situation. FNPO will not aggravate any issues under any circumstances, at the same time,we will not compromise core issue at any cost.   
26th September 2016   We met the officers and understand the Developments.We feel some kind of  agitation programme is necessary
28th September 2016   Postal JCA issued Joint programme
Meanwhile ,some of the colleges viewed SGFNPO & NUGDS stand differently.we just ignore it at that.
19th  October Member (P) called us and requested to withdraw the strike decision . we refused to withdraw.
27th October department issued order revising ceiling from 3500 to 7000 .
I t is a victory of Postal JCA. Not single Federation.we strongly believe unity.
Our sincere thanks to colleagues who journey with us. We also thank colleagues who placed different views against our programme.
Our sincere thanks to Chairman, Postal Board ,Member (P),DDG(Esst)& Director (VP&DE) for their  steps to settle the emotion issue of  poor GDS employees.