“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Outcome of the meeting with Chairman Postal Board & Member (P) on 19/10/2016 from the staff side President FNPO, SG FNPO, President NFPE &S.G NFPE participated.
1) GDS Bonus latest position: Minister of Communications& IT sent request a letter to Minster of Finance to enhance the Bonus ceiling to GDS on par with regular employees’ yester day.(19/10/2016)
2)  Allowances: Chairman Postal Board agreed to retain existing allowance to Department employees with enhanced rates.
3) Cadre restructuring for RMS/Circle office& SBCO Staff: Minister of Communications& IT raised some objections.  Chairman Postal Board assured to the staff side that he will meet Minster personally and clarify the doubts.
4)  Cadre restructuring for MMS: Doubts raised by the DOP&T clarified by the Department now file again sent to DOP&T for approval after approval it will sent to Ministry of Fiance for further approval.