“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Meeting with the Chairman GDS Committee

The Chairman, GDS committee covened a meeting by inviting Federations for discussing issues of GDS in the wake of post approval of the recommendations of VII CPC. We submitted a Memorandum to the GDS Committee demanding regularization of GDS as departmental employees and we have given enough justification for regularization. Notwithstanding our earlier Memorandum, we have submitted our views on post approval of the recommendations of VII CPC.

We demanded multiplication factor of 3.25 for GDS while calculating new pay. The Chairman asked for justification for 3.25 factor from the staff side. We replied the following.

1. Central trade Union demands Rs. 18000/- as minimum pay for unskilled labour working in the country. Therefore accepting Rs. 18000/- as minimum pay which was granted by VII CPC is not acceptable.

2. National JCA comprising all Central Govt. Employees Associations / Unions is not accepting minimum pay of Rs. 18000/- fixed by VII CPC to the Central Govt. employees. NJCA is opposing minimum pay of Rs. 18000/- and demanding Rs. 26000/- as minimum pay with enough justification. Therefore our Federation does not accept Rs. 18000/- as minimum pay and 2.57 factor recommended by VII CPC to the GDS.
3)The present day functioning of post office is totally different when compared to earlier. Rural ICT is the slogan of the Govt. now. But for the co-operation of the GDS, the rural ICT is impossible in India Post. Therefore taking into consideration of the changing scenario, such as e-commerce, e-governance, payment bank, the role of GDS is very important. In the world CEO meeting, our Secretary, Dept. of Posts said that future business is lying only with e-commerce. If the Dept. wants success in the e-commerce as in the case of Royal mail, role of GDS is indispensable.

4. The payment Bank will commence functioning from the year 2017. The role of GDS in this regard is inevitable towards success of the payment Bank. Considering the above facts, the GDS pay should be fixed based on the factor 3.25 instead of 2.57 as recommended by the VII CPC.

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