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BSNL Unlimited Internet, 24 Hours Free Calling - New Plan
BSNL unlimited internet and 24 hours free calling is the latest news from our brand. You couldn't imagine such a plans were happening from BSNL. But this is launched with unlimited voice and data services with best download speed at an affordable price.

Pay for one service and enjoy both, like Bonanza offers (1+1). To fulfil this concept and to provide uninterrupted telecom services through landline and broadband. ISP launches this BSNL combo broadband plan "BBG Combo ULD 1199" with unique dual features.
In this unique BSNL unlimited internet plan 1199, ISP offers unlimited calling and data during 24 hours. Free calling is available for both home and other network’s landline or mobile services. BSNL hasn’t restricted the calls for one area. All the free calls are allowed for entire nation on any network.
The broadband speed in this BSNL unlimited internet plan 1199 is Flat 2 Mbps for any downloads. There are no telephone rental charges for the landline. Recently you heard Rs.1 for GB plan from BSNL. But now this tariff offers both (1GB data and free calling) at almost for 1 rupee.
With this BSNL unlimited internet plan (BBG Combo ULD 1199), you are supposed to use the both facilities at a time. You can’t wait for a free voice call until disconnects the data, like in others.
Browse the internet on your computer or in your wireless devices through BSNL WiFi network and rejoice with your beloved by doing a voice call as free and unlimited. This plan is an additional tariff for already available BSNL broadband unlimited combo plans. Take a look at the detailed structure of this scheme.

BSNL Unlimited Internet Plan 1199 Tariff

Broadband Plan Name
BBG Combo ULD 1199
Bandwidth (Download Speed)
Up to 2 Mbps Flat Internet Speed
All Home and Business Users in India
Monthly Rental Fees
Rupees 1199
Yearly Payment
24Months Payment in Rupees
36months payment in Rupees
Limit per month
Unlimited downloads and uploads
Free E-mail IDs / Space (Per ID)
1 / 1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request)
One at Rupees. 2000 per annum additional
Security Deposit
One Month charges
Minimum Hire Period
One Month
Telephone fixed monthly charges
Additional facility
24 hours Unlimited free calling (Local +STD) on any network landline and mobile within India
The new concept blazed the Indian telecom industry with new entrant Reliance Jio. For this, BSNL replied with substantial tariffs, which was already posted by us. i.e. BSNL 249 Plan and BSNL 499 Plan. Now this BSNL unlimited internet plan 1199 with dual features, is a truly unlimited plan going to be a big hit in Indian telecom industry.
The era of unlimited free voice calls to any network on All Days and All Nights (24 hours 365 days), and BSNL unlimited internet for your home or business begins from 9th September 2016 as a regular measure.
Interested customers should seriously and take a look at the variety of options being provided by BSNL. Now you have no chance to wait, Join BSNL immediately. Enjoy 24 hours free calling and data from your home or office on subscription with combo BSNL unlimited internet plan 1199.