“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

Today SGFNPO, Present FNPO, NUGDS, General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary of NUGDS met with Chairman GDS Committee during the meeting Secretary GDS Committee also present, the following points were discussed-

1.  GDS pay shall be fixed by multiplying by 3.25 factor.
2.  Gratuity as per the provisions of Gratuity act 1972 has to be paid to the GDS on discharge.
3.  The present pension scheme is not at all attractive & not beneficial to the GDS. GDS should be allowed to join NPS.
4.  Provisioning of medical facilities to the GDS.
5.  10% reservation in PA cadre during recruitment.
6.  Maternity grant for women GDS.
7.  Rationalisation of categories of GDS staff.
8.  Assessment of workload of GDS post through point system.
9.  Uniform TRCA.
10.              Incentive for works over uniform TRCA.
11.              Improving accommodation for Branch Post Office.
12.              RMS GDS should be observed as MTS in one time measure.

More details will be posted our website shortly.