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3)Rural Post Offices to Provide E-Services: Ravi Shankar Prasad
Union Minister for Information and Technology and Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad on Sunday said rural post offices across the country will also function as common service centres (CSCs) providing e-services.
He said this while asserting that the postal department had a crucial role to play in bringing in digital revolution in the country.
"Our vision of digital India is to ensure that from a mason to barber to a tyre-puncture repairer, all can access newer avenues of growth using communications equipment like a smart phone," said Prasad while inaugurating the revamped building of Bhowanipore post office in Kolkata.
"We are also committed to developing e-commerce, e-education and e-health. This is the larger vision of digital India. And in this digital India initiative, rural post offices have a very crucial role to play.
"We have decided that all the 1.30 lakh rural post offices should also become common service centres (CSCs) to further provide services," the minister added.
Implemented under the National e-Governance Plan and formulated by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, the CSCs are ICT-enabled front end service delivery points at the village-level for delivery of government, financial, social and private sector services in the areas of agriculture, health, education, entertainment, FMCG products, banking, insurance, pension, utility payments etc.
Prasad said he expected the Reserve Bank of India to grant payment license to the proposed Post Bank of India by July.
"We expect to get the RBI nod by July. With 1,54,000 post offices the new initiative will usher in a financial revolution across the country," he said.
Hailing the services by the postal department, Prasad said it has done a business of Rs. 500 crores in the year in e-commerce besides opening over 52 lakh accounts under the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojna receiving over Rs. 1,000 in deposits.
"Whatever, be the decline in services, people still respect the Indian Railways and the postal services. I urge you all to build upon that respect and contribute towards the growth of the country," said Prasad, urging the employees to contribute towards the government's initiative to modernise the postal department.
Prasad also said state-run BSNL was also on the road to recovery.
"Now BSNL is running into losses in excess of Rs. 8,000 crores. But in 2004, it earned a profit of Rs. 10,000 crores. So we decided to revive it... BSNL already has added 4,70,000 new customers and its revenue has risen by 2 percent," he said.
The minister also said there would be 100 crores mobile connections in the country in next few years.
"In a country with a population of 125 crores, we now nearly 101 crores phone connections of which 98 crores are mobile phones. In the coming few years, we will have over 100 crores mobile phone connectivity across the country," Prasad said.
"Studies show that a country with more broadband connections has greater impact on the GDP growth.
"So we are bringing national optical fibre network connecting over 2.5 lakh gram panchayats across the country, we are bringing in broadband revolution," he added.
4)Government warns 'habitual late-comers' to office, asks all officials to maintain t ..

 5)Ledger Print of SB/PPF (HPSP) : Finacle Solution

Ledger Print in FiancleHPSP command is used for Ledger Print of SB/PPF scheme at request of customer. The following step are taken for execution of this command.

Command - HPSP Fill From A/C No............................
Fill To A/C No................................
Fill From Date.................................
Fill To Date.....................................
Event - ''Duplicate''
Statement Size as ''Half''

6)SSA Interest Balance Report in DOP Finacle

DOP Finacle : SSA Interest Balance Report

SSA Interest Balance Report sends to SBCO every year by HO. SBCO reconciles the interest and sends to DAP. The process of generation Interest Balance Report of Finacle is given here. Please read carefully. First of all please login at MIS Report Server. For more detail about MIS server please go through below link
Menu Shortcut - HFINRPT
The following screen will be appeared.

GO to Page 2
Click Report no. 20 GL_Monthly Product Wise Interest Balances Report
The following screen will be appeared

Fill the SOL ID
Product Group - SSA
Date - 04.04.2015
Click Submit
The following screen will be appeared.

Click OK button
Go To HPR Menu
Check the Report.
The report is shown like this.

  1. Take the print of report and send to SBCO.
  2. This exercise has to be done by all HO & SO going on Finacle

Courtesy : http://finaclesolution.blogspot.in/

7)Person to person transfer of certificates in DOP Finacle

Person to person transfer of certificates in DOP Finacle

  • In DOP we can transfer the certificates (NSC and KVP) from one person to another person.
  • As per the SB oder 05/2014 point numbers (xi) and (xii) we can transfer the certificates both KVP and NSC from one person to another person in DOP Finacle.
  • Certificates can be transferred only once from date of issue to date of maturity.
  • At the time of transfer of certificates from one person to another, old certificates will not be discharged, Name of the holder shall be rounded and name of the new holder shall be written on the old certificate and purhcase application(in case of non CBS post offices) under dated signatures of the authorized postmaster with his designation stamp and date stamp of post office.
  • Generally in DOP we will transfer the certificates from one person to another person when invester is offering the certificates as gift or in case of deceased depositor(investor) and the nominee willing to continue the certificates.
The procedure for transferring the certificates from one person to another person is mentioned below

In DOP Finacle CIF is to be created for the new customers.(Use menu CCRC)

  1. Before creating a new CIF, a de-dupe check has to be made for checking about the existence of the customer.(use the menu CDEDUP)
  2. New CIF is to be created to the new customer whose name is going to be added or in whose name certifcates are going to be transferred.
  3. New CIF is to be attached with the existing accounts created against certificates.This is required to be done for each certificate.( use the menu HCCA i.e., merging the CIF).
  4. On the physical certificate, name of the old certicate has to be rounded and name of the new customer to be added uner dated signature of Supervisor.
  5. In case of Single to Joint, name of the new customer is to be added on the existing certifcates.

Procedure to attach the CIF for the existing accounts against certificates

  1. In order to attach the CIF for the existing accounts use the menu HCCA
  2. HCCA stands for Change CIF Id ofA/c ( Merging the CIF id)
  3. Invoke the menu HCCA then the system will display the below screen
Then select the function as "Modify" as shown in the figure and enter the account number as shown in the figure

  1. Then click on GO then the system will display the below mentioned screen and do the changes as mentioned below
  2. In new CIF ID column system will show old CIF id remove it and enter new CIF ID
  3. Select Modify A/c Name as "YES"
  4. Select Reason code from the searcher as T(T-Transfer of certificates) as shown
Then click on Submit and verify in the supervisor using the same menu HCCA.