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1)Rajan did not imply world economy slipping into new Great Depression, RBI clarifies  
2)Swachh Bharat: 175 km railway tracks to be free of human waste from October 2 
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3)Revision of rate and Guideline for Reimbursement of Expenses on Purchase of hearing AIDS under CS(MA) Rules, 1944 and CGHS

Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Department of Health and Family Welfare

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated the 26th May, 2015

Subject: Revision of rate and guideline for reimbursement of expenses on purchase of Hearing AIDS under CSMA Rules, 1944 and CGHS-Regarding
With reference to the above mentioned subject the undersigned is directed to refer to the Office Memorandum of even no dated 21.03.2012, 17.11.2006 and 28.10.2002 and OM No S.14025/36/93/MS dated 26.03.94 and 17.08.99 and to state that on the basis of recommendation of an Expert Committee, it has been decided to revise the rates and guidelines for hearing aids to be reimbursed under CS(MA) Rules, 1944 and CGHS.
2. The revised ceiling rates fixed for various types of hearing –aids (for one ear) are as under:-
Body worn/Pocket type         Rs. 3000/-
Analogue BTE                          Rs. 7000/-
Digital BTE                               Rs. 15000/-
Digital ITC/CIC                        Rs. 20000/-
The cost of hearing aids shall include all taxes in including VAT and Shall carry 3 year warranty. The cost of Analogue BTE/Digital BTE/ITC/CIC type hearing aid shall also include the cost of hearing mould.
3. Beneficiaries covered under CS (MA) Rules /CGHS shall be eligible to obtain hearing aid as per the following guidelines:
(i) Patients/Beneficiaries should be properly referred to CGHS/Government hospital ENT specialist from the parent CGHS wellness centre (A computerized referral printout should be made wherever computerization has been done).
(ii) It would be mandatory to carry CGHS Beneficiary’s ID card (in original) whenever the CGHS beneficiaries visit the CGHS/Government ENT specialist for consultation and Audiometric test.
(iii) The ENT specialist of CGHS /Government hospital shall then recommend a hearing aid on basis of Audiometric and Audiological assessment, specifying the type of hearing aid most suited for the Beneficiary. The ‘Audiogram report’ shall be authenticated by the ENT specialist/Consultant of the CGHS/Government hospital.
4. The permission to procure hearing aid shall be granted by the ADDITIONAL DIRECTOR(Zonal) of CGHS-ZONAL OFFICE in case of CGHS pensioner beneficiaries, and by the HEAD OF DEPARTMENT/OFFICE in case of serving employees and CGHS beneficiaries of Autonomous bodies on the basis of Recommendation of a CGHS/Government ENT specialist, and an ‘undertaking’ that the beneficiary has not been reimbursed the cost of hearing – aid in the preceeding five years.
5. Reimbursement claim shall be submitted to CGHS ZONAL OFFICE through the CMO –Incharge of the Concerned dispensary by CGHS Pensioner benficieries in the prescribed medical reimbursement claim form along with the following documents :-
a) Referral letter from parent CGHS Wellness Centre (computerized Slip where computerization is done already).
b) Copy of ‘prescription’ of ENT consultant (CGHS/Govt.Hospital) with the ‘Audiogram’ report duly authenticated by the treating ENT consultant (CGHS/Govt.)
c) Copy of CGHS Card.
d) Bill /Reciept (in original) carrying details of the hearing – aid seller i.e. NAME, QUALIFICATION, AND RCI/MCI REGISTRATION NUMBER of the hearing – aid seller.
e) The ‘permission letter’ to purchase hearing – aid (in original).
f) Empty Box/boxes or the Carton(s) with the label showing details of the hearing aid supplied.
In case of the other beneficiaries, the medical claim shall be submitted to the concerned Ministry / Department /Office. Reimbursement shall be limited to the ceiling rate or actual cost of the hearing – aid, whichever is less.
6. Records of permissions granted for procurement of hearing – aids shall be maintained by CGHS in respect of pensioner CGHS beneficiaries and by the concerned Ministry/Department /Office in respect of other beneficiaries.
7. Replacement of hearing – aid may be permitted after 5 years on the basis of condemnation certificate issued by a technical expert and on approval of CGHS/Government ENT Surgeon. Maintenance and repair will be the responsibility of the beneficiary.
8. These orders shall supercede all the earlier orders issued on the subject.
9. The revised rates and guidelines shall come into force from the date of issue and shall be valid for a period of two year or till further revision, whichever is earlier.
10. This issues with the approval of Integrated Finance Division of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
(Sunil Kumar Gupta)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

4)Cheque is not clear error in RD Bulk posting in Finacle

When we try to post the rd bulk of non dop cheque i..e, bank cheque
using the menu

we sometimes face the error "cheque not cleared" this can be viewed in HPR report immediately after posting done by the counter PA.
The error screen shot will appear as shown in the below figure

As we can see the above screen shot the delete/error reason is "cheque is not cleared" and status is "failure".

Root cause of the above problem

  1. For your information the root cause of the above said error can be occurred due to the following below mentioned reasons
  2. If the cheque number in the agent presented list differs with cheque number entered in the outward zone.
  3. If the cheque number is entered in the office account solid+0382 instead of solid+0017
  4. If the value date is selected wrongly at the time of posting using HAGTXP i..e, if the value date of the cheque differs with the value date of the regularized zone.
  5. If the bank name is wrongly entered for the records other than parent record(parent record is if we enter the same cheque number for different account during list preparation the cheque attached to the first record is known as parent record.)
  6. If we try to enter the same cheque number with multiple amounts in the account solid+0017.

Solution for the above problem.

Loan Condition on PLI

PLI Loan condition
  1. Loan is admissible on Whole Life Assurance (WLA), Endowment Assurance (EA) and Convertible Whole Life Assurance (CWLA) policies.
  2. Currency of policy should be minimum of 3 years in case of EA and CWLA.
  3. Currency of policy should be minimum of four years in case of WLA.
  4. Policy should be unencumbered/ unassigned.

Loan Limit:

(a) Whole Life Assurance
Currency of Policy Percentage of surrender value on which loan is admissible
More than 4 years to 7 years 60% More than 7 years to 12 years 80%
More than 12 years 90%
(b) Endowment Assurance and Convertible Whole Life Assurance
Currency of Policy Percentage of surrender value on which loan is admissible
More than 3 years to 5 years 60%
More than 5 years to 10 years 80%
More than 10 years 90%

  • Insurant should apply on LI-35 (loan application) and send to DDM (PLI) along with policy document and premium receipt book.
  • Second and subsequent loan is admissible after a year if the first loan is fully repaid.
  • Loan interest @ 10% p.a is calculated on six monthly basis.