“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Reminders sent by SG FNPO B.Shivakumar   on important issues to the Department.Click here to view.
Co-authorization of permanently disabled child/children in PPO for Family Pension  -reg Click here to read more  
Charges for transfer of Accounts in Post Office – New Appendices and Amendments to procedural rule in POSB(CBS) Manual Read more.
Examination of recommendation of GDS Committee report on Medical Treatment Assistance/Group Health Insurance Scheme.  Click here to view.

Addition of new Appendices and Amendment to procedural rule in POSB(CBS) Manual regardingClick here to view
The CWC of NAPE Group C  Karnataka Circle held from 01.03.2020 in Bangalore. As a part of the program the grand felicitation was organised to Sri B Shivakumar on his being elected as Secretary General FNPO.Click here to view.

Felicitation to Our ex SG FNPO T.N.Rahate at Chennai and Kerala Click here to view
Clarification on OPD Consultation fee charged from Hospitals empaneled under CGHS that they shall not charge more than the CGHS Consultation charges.Click here to view.

Income Tax functionality available in Employee Login under EIS || Ministry of Finance Click here to view