“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Today Karnataka and Andhra are celebrating ugadi , a festival of inviting new year. In this hour of crisis my Federation made endless efforts to get all the POs closed. Though we got maximum result but could not be successful in closing all Pos. Hence, we are constrained to greet for the New Year and Vasant Navaratri festivals whole heartedly. I pray this new year will secure the lives of every Indian. I request all my brothers and sisters to stay in home as far as possible, ensure safety of your life and of your family let the New Year to bring healthy, happy life to all. 

Dear colleagues,
You are aware our Federation and our affiliated union General secretaries tried to complete shutdown of PO&,RMS offices in our country. Our Department in the list of essential services therefore our sincere efforts are not giving cent per cent result. Our letters to close offices and Department orders are already posted on our official website as well as in what’s a group.
Now Heads of the Circles opened only a few important offices in their circles. 

I request all my affiliated union circle secretaries / Divisional secretaries go through guidelines issued by the Department of Posts after the video conference with the Heads of Circles on 24/03/2020.
My an earnest appeal to our colleagues strictly follow the below mention  words of our P.M To save India and every Indian, there will be a total ban on venturing out of your homes,” Our P.M Modi said, adding that if the country failed to manage the next 21 days, it could be set back by 21 years.  
I request all our colleagues you need not worry about your leave we still continuing our steps you please send a letter to the authority concern explain your area situation and apply to leave till normalcy restored.

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