“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

Appeal to Divisional Secretaries/Circle Secretaries of FNPO affiliated unions Importance of 2nd September 2015 Strike
Dear Colleagues,
You are aware that our Federation and its affiliated unions have issued strike notice on 17-8-2015 to participate in the 2nd September 2015 strike called by national trade union centres.
Our Federation is aware how our sister unions targeted our members during verification. We received hundreds of complaints from various corners complaining about the sister unions and their atrocities. The Federation is very well aware about the local issues. But we have to think globally and act locally. This is the time to go on strike at the national level.
If we choose to stay away from strike on the pretext of local animosity, we will be branded as anti-strikers sister unions are expert to propagate against us in this regard. Majority of innocent members always believe false propaganda of sister unions. We should
not give room to them, We mentally satisfied with the demands which are placed by the national trade union centres, especially item No. 5 Minimum wage as Rs. 15000/- for Indian worker.
Unless minimum wage is raised, we cannot demand Rs. 26000/- raise for Central Government employees. Like-wise, disinvestment, FDI and anti-labour laws are very important for indian Workers today. In regard to Part II now 7th CPC is going to submit its report in August/September 2015. But till date inclusion of GDS case in the 7th CPC purview has been rejected by the Government twice. This is unfair, unethical and unjust and we cannot accept the stand of the Government/Department. The Department/Government is always showing step-motherly treatment to the GDS employees.
In Railways, Income Tax Department Central Secretariat and other Central Government establishment, Cadre Restructuring has already been implemented. But in our Department it is still pending including MMS. This is the time to show our anger against the Government/Department. Our Federation therefore requests all our colleagues to go on strike on 2nd September 2015. If the strike becomes successful, it will pave way for settling many issues across the table.
I request all our affiliated unions let us keep asideour differences with the sister unions for the time-being to achieve our main goal from the Government/Department. Unless we achieve the goal, we will not be respected by the members. Do participate in the strike and make the strike thundering success. This is for our future survival. 
D.Theagarajan SG FNPO