“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

2nd September 2015 Strike.
Our Federation decided to participate in the 2nd September strike called by National trade Union centers against the anti labour policy of the Central Government. We have taken this decision last minute based on the feedback and advice received from the various levels.

  In the recent verification process, the sister federations and their affiliated unions caused damage to our membership by using all sorts of unfair means. They may say there is no rules and regulations in war (Verification of Membership) . We to agree that this a war but even in a war there are codes of conduct to be observed by the both sides. But in this verification process both federations and their affiliated unions targeted only our unions. Unfortunately the Department also supported both federations and their affiliated unions by issuing favorable orders in favor of them in the verification process. This has very much affected the morale of the rank and file of our union.  The behavior and conduct shown by the rank and file of the sister federations towards our rank file spoiled the normalcy. Despite the unsavory incidents it is time for strike to protest against the wrong policy of the Government. our non participation should not be construed that we are supporting the anti-labour policy of the Government. We do not want to skip by branding that this a political strike, of course it is a labour oriented strike.

 We have therefore decided to participate strike on 2nd September. Without cooperation and support of the rank file we are unable to organize the strike on 2nd September 2015 successfully. Therefore our Federation request all our unions Circle secretaries organize strike in your circle, start programs to make the strike thundering success.Click here to see the strike notice and charter of demands.