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Attention to Divisional / Circle Secretaries.

Our Federation is receiving calls from various Divisions/ Circles about the Verification of Membership.

Federation has already clarified that Verification of membership and enrolment of new members /inclusion of other union members are two different process.
Verification of membership is conducted once in five years.
Inclusion of new members and other union members is being done every year for which 30th April of each year is last date.
Now the Directorate has extended the period of Verification process by one month. Therefore  I request all Divisional secretaries to submit forms  from the new members as well as other members on 30/04/2015,
In regard to verification process new form will be supplied by the Directorate in the   month of May 2015 . New form will be posted in our website as and when received from the Directorate.
In that new form, we have to obtain signatures of  all members this is for your information once again I appeal  to you all please submit declarations on 30/04/2015 in respect of new members and other union members.