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Supreme Court demolishes Aadhaar card: Judges rule card NOT mandatory for government subsidies

This is one card game the government looks set to lose.
The highest court in the land on Monday pulled out the foundations from under the United Progressive Alliance government's flagship Aadhaar scheme, directing the Centre to immediately withdraw instructions that make the cards mandatory for availing government schemes or subsidies.
No less significant was the fact that the court directed the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) not to share biometric or other personal information with anyone without the permission of the cardholder.
"I received a lot of letters which say Aadhaar card is mandatory despite court orders. One person in a letter said his marriage is not registered because of the lack of Aadhaar card, (others) say they can't get their properties registered. We had already passed orders saying no one should suffer for not having Aadhaar card," a bench headed by Justice B.S. Chauhan said.
"If there are any instructions that Aadhaar is mandatory, it should be withdrawn immediately," the bench said.
Strongly defending the card, the Centre recently said it was essential for good governance, transparent implementation of government programmes and ensuring that benefits reach only eligible persons.
It pointed out to the court that it had enrolled 53 crore citizens till September 30, 2013 after spending Rs 3,494 crore, and it had to be ensured that this huge amount did not go down the drain.