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SHRI ANIL DESAI has raised the following question (STARRED QUESTION NO. 200) in Rajya Sabha today regarding availability of Naturopathy Treatment Facilities in CGHS Dispensaries
(a) whether all the CGHS dispensaries in Delhi and Mumbai have naturopathy treatment facilities;
(b) if so, what type of treatment in this stream is available in the dispensaries;
(c) whether in-patient treatment facility is also available along with out-patient treatment, if so, what type of diseases are treated in such facilities; and
(d) the number of naturopathy experts posted in these dispensaries/hospitals and number of beneficiaries who got treatment during the last two years?
In a Reply to the above Questions The Minister of Health and Family Welfare SHRI JAGAT PRAKASH NADDA has given the following information through the Statement laid on the Table of the House
Naturopathy treatment facilities are not available in the CGHS Wellness Centres at Delhi/NCR and Mumbai. However, one private hospital namely Bapu Nature Cure Hosptial and Yogashram, Mayur Vihar, Delhi is empanelled under CGHS Delhi/NCR for Naturopathy indoor treatment facilities including consultation.
Beneficiaries normally take treatment for Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis and Obesity at the empanelled hospital.
As per the existing guidelines, CGHS beneficiaries may directly obtain consultation / treatment from empanelled hospitals for Naturopathy & Yoga and would be eligible for reimbursement subject to prior intimation to their respective Ministries / Departments in respect of serving CGHS beneficiaries and to the concerned ADs/JDs of CGHS cities in respect of pensioner beneficiaries. Therefore, it is not possible to specify the number of patients, who had taken treatment at these hospitals.
Source: Rajya Sabha