“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
 I) To day PJCA meeting was held at NFPE Office. PJCA decided to go on strike on 6th May-2015 as scheduled earlier.
II) SG FNPO met chair person Postal Board alongwith President FNPO, General Secretaries of P3 &R4 and discussed the following issues.
1.Irregular suspension of P.3 Divisional Secretary in Kanpur.
2.Upgradation of Guntakal RMS as L1
3.Irregular recovery in TBOP and BCR promotion.
Secretary heard  our views patiently and assured to issue necessary instruction to the appropriate authority.
The details of the meeting will be published in Apr-2015 Sentinel.
Awaits for further details.

Photos of Farewell party to president Shri Deepak Mukherjee held at Kolkata