Plan Training activities for GDSs under 'Human Resource Development'- Re imbursement of Travelling, Board and Lodging expenses etc.

  • Total Incidental Charges (amount in Rupees) payable for/to an individual GDS during training, away from his place of duty/work will be as under:
GDS Training - Re imbursement
  • The amount indicated for a training of more than a day will be applicable only in cases, where GDSs can't commute daily from home due to distance or other factor and night stay becomes unavoidable at the place of training.
  • In cases of GDSs commuting daily from Home to Place of Training, Travel and Food Charges only will be payable. In such cases, charges for night stay will not be paid. For example, for a 2 day training programme where a GDS commutes from home, he will get Rs. 200/-for travel and Rs.200/- for food altogether.
  • Expenditures in respect of stationery (item No. 4 in para 2) will be incurred by the office. It will be Rs. 100/- irrespective of the number of days of a training programme. Normally, the duration of any training programme for GDSs will not exceed 3 days.