“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”


NUR-C cwc meeting held at Kolkata 

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Photos from UNI's World Congress and Women's World Conference are online

Last month, more than 1,200 trade union leaders from over 100 countries came together in Philadelphia to build a stronger global labour movement and set UNI’s course for the next four years.

Now you can relive the excitement with downloadable, shareable albums from Philly.



The approval of the Competent Authority is hereby conveyed for the GDS Rule-3 transfer (September-2023 Schedule) of the following


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Andra Predesh Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/AndhraPradesh_Allotment_List1.pdf

Assam Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Assam_Allotment_List1.pdf

Bihar Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Bihar_Allotment_List1.pdf

Chattisgarh Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Chattisgarh_Allotment_List1.pdf

Delhi Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Delhi_Allotment_List1.pdf

Gujarath Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Gujarat_Allotment_List1.pdf

Haryana Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Haryana_Allotment_List1.pdf

Himachal Pradesh : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/HimachalPradesh_Allotment_List1.pdf

Jammu Kashmir : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/JammuKashmir_Allotment_List1.pdf

Jarkhand Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Jharkhand_Allotment_List1.pdf

Karnataka Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Karnataka_Allotment_List1.pdf

Kerala Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Kerala_Allotment_List1.pdf

Madhya Pradesh : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/MadhyaPradesh_Allotment_List1.pdf

Maharashtra Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Maharashtra_Allotment_List1.pdf

North East Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/NorthEastern_Allotment_List1.pdf

Odisha Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Odisha_Allotment_List1.pdf

Punjab Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Punjab_Allotment_List1.pdf

Rajasthan Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Rajasthan_Allotment_List1.pdf

Tamilnadu Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Tamilnadu_Allotment_List1.pdf

Telangana Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Telangana_Allotment_List1.pdf

Uttarakhand Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/Uttarakhand_Allotment_List1.pdf

UttarPradesh Circle : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/UttarPradesh_Allotment_List1.pdf

West Bengal : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/Allotment/C4L1/WestBengal_Allotment_List1.pdf

Source : https://rule3.cept.gov.in/

Mandatory Capturing of mobile number of sender and addressee at the time of booking of accountable mail



Deployment of RICT devices and roll out of DARPAN app in Branch Post Offices under IT 2.0-reg

 Facilitation of Digital Life certificate through Face Authentication for Super Senior Pensioners aged 80 years and above from 1st October every year

No. 1(2)/2023-P&PW(H)-8869
भारत सरकार
कार्मिक, लोक शिकायत और पेंशन मंत्रालय
पेंशन और पेंशनभेागी कल्‍याण विभाग

8वीं मंजिल ‘बी’ विंग, जनपथ भवन,
जनपथ, नई दिल्‍ली-110001
दिनांक: 25 सितम्‍बर, 2023


Sub: Facilitation of Digital Life certificate through Face Authentication for Super Senior Pensioners aged 80 years and above from 1st October every year- reg.

The undersigned is directed to refer to Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare’s OM No. 1/20/2018-P&PW(E) dated 18/7/2019 (copy enclosed) regarding provisions of submission of life certificate for super senior pensioners aged 80 years and above from lst October to every year.

2. In view of the Digital Life Certificate through Face Authentication Technology, it is now possible that each and every citizen can submit Digital life certificate either from home using android smartphone or bank branch.

3. It is suggested that all Banks may utilize the various platforms for creating awareness of the convenience of obtaining a Life Certificate by using the Face Authentication Technology. The following steps may be taken by the Banks:-

  1. SMS/ emails/ Whats App message may be sent to the pensioner with link of SOP of Face Authentication to empower the Super Senior Pensioner to submit their Life Certificate through Face Authentication Technology through their Android phone. (Youtube link of SOP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT4z_dDfdFY Hindi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbWZJkmPB0&t=11s).
  2. Banks may circulate the SOP on DLC through Face Authentication (copy enclosed) through email to concerned officials of Banks to enable them to get familiar with the usage of this technology.
  3. Facilitate bed-ridden/hospitalized pensioners for submission of life certificate of by deputing Doorstep banking executives.
  4. Banks may run widely publicize the methodology for submitting DLC by pasting information posters in branches/ATMs.

4. Necessary instructions may be issued to all the Bank branches to make suitable arrangements for submission of Life Certificate by the super senior pensioners/family pensioners aged 80 years and above from 1st October of every year.

Encl: (1) OM No. 1/20/2018-P&PW(E) dated 18/7/2019
(2) SOP on Face Authentication.

Encl: (1) OM No. 1/20/2018-P&PW(E) dated 18/7/2019
(2) SOP on Face Authentication.

(रुचिर मित्‍तल)
निदेशक (पीडब्‍लू.)

All Pension Disbursing Banks/ Authorities through mail.

Copy to:
1. Secretary, All Ministries/ Departments.
2. Controller General of Defence Accounts.
3. Controller General of Accounts
4. Chief Controller of Pension, Ministry of Finance Department of
Expenditure, Bhikaji Cama Place, Rama Krishna Puram, New Delhi.
5. Pensioners’ Welfare Associations