“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”


Dear Brothers,

Sis.Veronica Fernandez Mendez , Director, UNI Equal Opportunities Dept, UNI Global Union has appealed for solidarity from the affiliates for the #riseinsolidarirty campaign for making “Dignity and justice for Women Workers”.

To support the campaign, the union members are requested to take their photo ( men and women members – one photo for one person) with holding the placard in their hand and send the photo by email to anjalibedekar@uni-apro.org.sg or by WhatsApp to no. 9322406877.

Anyone placard from the enclosed 3 placards may be selected. Please send a few photographs with your members holding the placards.

The appeal is also being sent to the participants of UNI ILC Women & Youth Empowerment programs who have participated in the programs in the past years.

More information about this campaign is available on www.uniglobalunion.org

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

With Regards-

Anjali Bedekar
UNI ILC Coordinator
0091 9322406877