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Ref:9/NAPE-C/176 /2016                                                            09/12/2016                               


Shri  B.V. Sudhakar,
Chairman PS Board,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan ,
New Delhi-110 001.
Sub:  Exempt from the recovery of the amount of fake currency note deposited by the public under demonisation scheme.
Ref: Your office D.O No 116-11/2016 SB dt 17/11/2016 & 18/11/2016
Kindly recall our discussion and my federation letters on demonetisation scheme. During the discussion, my federation requested the chairman to give instruction to all Heads of the circle to provide fake  currency detecting machine to all the post offices. Though directorate has issued orders on the issue many SSPs/SPs have not supplied machine to many post offices which have resulted in staff who worked to make the Government scheme successful, face problem due to receipt of fake currency from the public during heavy rush. 
Our federation anticipated this and requested department repeatedly to ensure supply of fake currency detecting machine to post offices which wasn't considered as serious.
 Hence it is requested that to whichever post office the fake currency machine was not supplied the staff who worked for the demonetisation work scheme may kindly be exempted to pay the fake currency amount received from the public.

Yours Sincerely,

Secretary General.