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Book LTC tickets on lowest fare or face action: Govt to staff

PTI | Jul 18, 2016, 02.47 PM IST

New Delhi, Jul 18 () Employees who fail to buy air tickets at the lowest price available on the day while undertaking journey on Leave Travel Concession (LTC) claim will face severe penal action, as per the draft guidelines finalised by the Centre.

The move comes after the government noticed instances where some of its employees colluded with private travel agents to submit LTC claims showing inflated airfare to clandestinely obtain undue benefits like free boarding, lodging, transport or cash refunds.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is also looking into cases of alleged irregularities in availing the LTC claims.

The ministries concerned will also carry out random checks with airlines to ensure that the tickets were booked at the lowest fare available on the date of purchase.
"It has now been decided that in accordance with the canons of financial propriety, government servants should purchase tickets at the lowest rate available at the time of booking for the date and time of scheduled journey.
"Government servant will be required to submit print-out of tickets showing date and time of booking in addition to the fare charged," the new guidelines drafted by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) said.
Any violation of the existing norms by authorised travel agents -- M/s Balmer Lawrie & Company, M/s Ashok Travels & Tours and IRCTC -- will invite blacklisting.
A government employee gets reimbursement of tickets for to-and-fro journey, in addition to leaves, when he avails LTC. 

  • Minorities member Praveen Davar said that the minimum pay of Rs 18,000 as recommended in the 7th Pay Commission is "not adequate", while the maximum pay of Rs 2.5 lakh is "a little too much".
    New Delhi, Jul 15 (PTI) Contending prices of essential commodities are same for all, an NCM member today urged Centre to increase salary of its lowest paid employees by Rs 4,000 and reduce that of highest paid personnel by Rs 25,000 under 7th Pay Commission to see those earning less are not affected.
    In his letter to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, National Commission for Minorities member Praveen Davar said that the minimum pay of Rs 18,000 as recommended in the 7th Pay Commission is "not adequate", while the maximum pay of Rs 2.5 lakh is "a little too much"
    Davar though said his opinions expressed in the letter, dated July 11, was all personal and did not represent any organisation or group of individuals.
    "Prices of essential commodities are equal for everyone.
    But those paid lower are affected more than those drawing high salaries. It is my personal opinion that the minimum pay in the 7th Pay Commission of Rs 18,000 is not adequate. However, the maximum pay of Rs 2.5 lakh is a little too much," he argued.
    Stating that the ratio of the highest and lowest paid should be ideally 10:1, Davar said, "the minimum pay is increased to Rs 22,000 and the maximum pay is brought down to Rs 2.25 lakhs. Similar modifications can be made in the intermediately pay scales."
    The move, he said, will not only narrow the gap between highest and lowest paid, but also result in substantially reducing the financial burden on the exchequer.
    Davar also criticised the decision to offer steep hike in salary of MLAs in Delhi assembly saying the move has set a "wrong" precedent.
    "Why should be anyone paid far above his genuine needs?," he asked.

Govt’s decision that 7th Pay Commission Pension fixation under Option 1 would be made subject to feasibility is unfair – NC(Staff Side) Secretary writes to FM regarding two options of 7th Pay Commission Pension and removal of the sentence “subject to feasibility” in Option I.

Ph: 23382286
National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Consultative Machinery
For Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi-110001
E mail: nc.jcm.np@gmail.com
Dated: July 16,2016
Hon’ble Finance Minister,
Ministry of Finance
(Govt of India )
North Block
New Delhi
Respected Sir,
Sub: Revision of Pension
This issue of acceptance of Option-I (or) II was discussed with your good self at the residence of Hon’ble Home Minister (Government of India), Wherein Hon’ble Minister for Railways and Hon’ble MOSR were present, by the Staff Side National Council (JCM). You had categorically agreed on our demand that, no dilution would be made in the options given to the Pensioners by the VII CPC. It is unfortunate that, a rider, “subject to feasibility”, has been imposed in Option-I.
Sir, this is very unfair and we will appreciate if you kindly get the sentence “subject to feasibility” removed from that para to keep your promise also. It should be left to the Pensioners that whatsoever option they want to choose, they should be allowed to Opt. The argument of non-availability of record is misleading and should not be given any cognizance because PPOs of the Pensioners are the base record and is available with the organizations concerned.
We earnestly seek your urgent intervention in this regard to avoid unnecessary hardship to millions of Pensioners.
With Kind Regards!
Sincerely yours,

Ravi Shankar Prasad launches transforming India website

New Delhi, July 15 : Union Minister of Electronics and Information Technology and Law & Justice, Ravi Shankar Prasad on Friday formally launched new Transforming India website - www.transformingindia.mygov.in - in New Delhi.

Transforming India website is a repository for sharing the impact of various governance initiatives with citizens in real-time.

The website provides information in a user-friendly format enabling citizens to view the content in the form of Infographics, e-books, performance dashboard, videos, daily news corner, etc. and engage with the content by comments and sharing the content through Social Media. http://www.newkerala.com/news/2016/pics/r/ravi-1468602267.jpg
4, State Entry Road, New Delhi

   No.AIRF/24(C)                                                                                 Dated: July 15, 2016

Dear Friends!

            On the call of the National Joint Council of Action(NJCA), on hopeless recommendations of VII CPC, scrapping of National Pension System (NPS) and other long pending genuine demands of the Central Government Employees, covering lakhs and lakhs of Railwaymen, Defence (Civilian) personnel, Postal employees, working in different Central Government offices throughout the country, unitedly not only participated and contributed regularly in agitational programmes of different stages of struggle but also succeeded to reflect such an environment in the entire length and breadth of the country well before the date of commencement of nationwide “Indefinite Strike” from 11th July, 2016; that compelled the Government of India to think better than Rs.18,000 as Minimum Wage, change in the Fitment Formula and many other important heartburning aspects, like National Pension System (NPS) and to handover all such issues to the committees with a commitment to consider the same within a timeframe of four months. Considering positive attitude of the senior ministers of the Government of India, the National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) had decided to give another four months time to the government.

            I am fully aware that, our Central Government Employees and the youth with full sincerity and dedication had unitedly created an unprecedented environment throughout the country, enlightening all the fellowmen about our demands in support of “Indefinite Strike” continuously, for which they deserve to be thanked a lot.

            Earlier too I had drawn your attention and warned to be aware of such elements who will confuse and mislead you by various baseless arguments and try to weaken and derail our united struggle.

            I know that, such negative thinking persons neither would have participated in the strike nor moved shoulder to shoulder in the movement of struggle. Negative thoughts not only weaken the individual, but also malign mental attitude of the others. Certain such persons, pouring in forcefully their polluted views on others, only try to break the broader unity of the movement. After all, it is not a new phenomena, such elements were found in all the strikes of the past. But nowadays; propaganda scenario has changed. Earlier, social media – WhatsApp, Facebook etc. were not available, so, such elements were launching propanganda campaign in the Canteens, Pan shops etc. In the present era, instead of using social media, WhatsApp, Facebook etc, in positive way for uniting co-workers, such elements unsuccessfully attempt to break the unity with their contaminated thought, reflecting the fellowmen that they are the only genius and ever alert and real friends of them, but such individuals always deceived and show their back at the climax of the struggle.

            I had earlier mentioned; to be very careful of such vindictive personalities who have destructive thought during the struggle, meant to secure their own rights. It is waste to have even least hope of any contribution in any struggle from such individuals who during agitation/strike try to side-away themselves by all means.

            For complete preparation of strong background in any movement, struggle/strike, role of an individual unit, branch, division, zonal and national level, strong change can never be devaluated, and such an strong united movement at all levels leaders ultimately encourages to give a clarion call of struggle at the national level. National leadership has to take care of all even-odd circumstances, lead his attitude, patience and safety of their force. Deep contemplation yields of the movement for him to cause execution to implement various strategies and timelines for the fulfillment of the objective of the obligation to go beyond such a positive approach rather than criticism for decisions on the subtleties of the churning the movement extended to the middle of your peers and get validness struggling peace succeeds.

            I have full faith that, all the Central Government Employees were ready, already even today and will remain ready with the time slot to fight for their rights.

            I again remind my colleagues to be aware and give befitting reply to those having negative thinking, and a strong movement only can go ahead.

            I earnestly thank you all. 

Comradely yours,

(Shiva Gopal  Mishra)
Secretary (Staff Side)
NC/JCM & Convener