“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Doubts & clarifications
We are receiving mails &telephonic calls from various levels about 7th CPC . Our federation clarifies the doubts after consulting Top NJCA leader.
1)When Government issued 7th CPC implementation notification?
It is clarified that  the Gazette  notification will be issued by the Government by the 2nd week of July , 2016 & Central Government employees will get 7th Cpc  Salary in  the month of August,2016   
2)What is the recommendation of   empowered committee Chaired by Cabinet secretary?
Committee recommendation is not disclosed with NJCA leaders. But it is visible report is not accepted by the NDA Government
3)What is the present High level committee?
The present committee consists of  Group of Ministers which includes Finance Minster; Home Minster& Railway   Minister this committee submits its opinion within 4 months.
4)If the New committee rejected our Demand what is the stand of NJCA?
It is clarified by the NJCA that deferred indefinite strike will revive  
5)What is rate of HRA & other allowances?
According to announcement the HRA will be paid in the ratio of 30% 20%10% for another 4 months & allowances will be paid in the rates in existing Pay structure. High level committee will take final assessment with in time frame of 4months.

6)Whether better settlement is possible if we go on strike on the proposed date of July 11 2016 ?
We cannot presume things on assumption basis but it is sure Government will abide by when    only Railway men go on strike. We are only minority partners. We cannot do any major role in the NJCA.
7)What about the pension in regard to parity?
The Finance Minister categorically assured that the Govt. has accepted the recommendations in toto and the Pension Department has  been asked to sort out the difficulties in implementation
8)What is the fate of GDS demand ?
Postal unions demand proportionate scales for GDS employees, hence the minimum wage is important to fix salary to GDS.
In the Kamlesh Chandra committee FNPO&NUGDS demand regularization of GDS employees by giving with full justification. FNPO will continue its efforts to get status to GDS like earlier we will not talk much about GDS  but FNPO will do everything as in the case of past.  -S.G.FNPO.