“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Today SG FNPO send the letter to Member (Tech) Copy of the letter reproduced.
Respected sir,
Kindly recall our discussion yesterday on CBS related issues.
While thanking for your reply through eMail, we discussed the remedies suggested therein with the field workers.
Based upon the feedback, we seek your clarification whether the two Servers assured to be installed on 01.04.2016 is going to be exclusively for Finacle/Mccamish or for RICT scheduled to be launched from the same day.
Thanking you,
Directorate clarified that two servers to be installed on01/04/2016 is for Finacle/Mccamish not for RICT.
   SG FNPO met Member (P) and DDG SR more details pulished in our sentinel .