“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

Public destroyed PC of Matunga Post office due to delay in transactions as Finacle was slow like always.
What is going on in Post Offices?
Answer is simple and we can simply portrait the scene with the help of some odd words. No more explanation is needed. Are you ready? Look at the words.
1.      Big Queue 
2.      Customer Agitation 
3.      No Connection 
4.      Frustration 
5.      Mid-Night
Operative staffs can understand the depth of each word especially at this point of time but persons responsible for deleting such words from the mind of working class may interpret these words as follows.
·         Big Queue – The sign of inefficiency 
·         Customer Agitation- Due to Misbehavior of counter staffs 
·         No Connection- Lack of knowledge of usage of resources 
·         Frustration- Every new implementation have its own issues 
·         Mid night- EOD process should start before 15 hours