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Interim Budget earmarks Rs 312 cr for training of central government employees.

Over Rs 310 crore has been allocated to the Personnel Ministry for the next fiscal for the training of central government employees, both in India and abroad, and augmenting necessary training related infrastructure, according to the interim Union Budget 2024-25 presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday. Of the total outlay of Rs 312 crore for 2024-25, Rs 105.31 crore is to meet establishment-related expenditure for "Training Division, Institute of Secretariat Training and Management (ISTM) and Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA)", Rs 120.56 for "Training Schemes" and Rs 86.13 crore for "National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building" or Mission Karmayogi.
Budget Highlights

 The Mission Karmayogi, dubbed as the biggest bureaucratic reform initiative, is aimed at making government employees more "creative, proactive, professional and technology-enabled".

Key Highlights:

  • Mission Karmayogi: A major chunk (₹86.13 crore) goes to this flagship initiative aimed at transforming bureaucrats into "creative, proactive, professional and technology-enabled" individuals.

  • Training for All: ₹120.56 crore allocated for various training schemes, including domestic and foreign training programs, enhancing LBSNAA facilities, and upgrading ISTM.

  • Capacity Building: ₹105.31 crore to cover establishment expenses for training institutions like ISTM and LBSNAA, as well as mandatory training for Central Secretariat Service officials.

  • Administrative Reforms: ₹10 crore allocated for modernizing government offices, promoting e-governance, and fostering good governance practices.

  • Other Allocations: ₹39.44 crore for Central Information Commission and Public Enterprises Selection Board, ₹2.6 crore for RTI Act awareness, ₹157.72 crore for Central Administrative Tribunal, and ₹414.15 crore for Staff Selection Commission.

The Training Division, ISTM in Delhi and Mussoorie-based LBSNAA arrange several training programmes including foundation courses, refresher courses, mid-career training and the likes to equip all levels and grades of secretarial functionaries with adequate exposure to the latest rules and regulations, and aptitude among others.

Expenditure on domestic and overseas travel, course fees and the likes in respect of Central Secretariat Service (CSS) and Central Secretariat Stenographers Service (CSSS) officials who are to undergo mandatory training at ISTM as a pre-condition for consideration for promotion to next higher grade have also been included centrally under Rs 105.31 crore budgetary provision.

The amount of Rs 120.56 crore is for schemes like "training for all", domestic funding for foreign training, upgradation of LBSNAA to a centre of excellence and augmentation of training facilities at ISTM, according to the Budget documents.


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