“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”


One installment of D.A w.e.f 01/07/2021 will be made with the arrears before Festivals.Click here to view 

The FNPO Delegation headed by  Shri  B.Shivakumar Secretary General Alongwith Shri T.N.Rahate Ex Sec Gen.ShriNisar Mujawar Gen Sec PIV, Shri Sunil Zhunzarrao cir Sec PIV, Shri R.H.Gupta Cir Sec PIII, Ashutosh Deshpande ACS, Shri Lingayat ACS Maharashtra Circle met Shri H.C.Agarwal CPMG Maharashtra Circle Read more 

Revision of Interest rates for Small Savings Schemes OM of F.M Click here to view

GDS/ MTS to Postman/ Mail Guard Exam (LDCE) for the vacancy year 2021 - Model Notification - Dte Lr. dtd 28/09/2021 Read more

Acceptance of PLI/RPLI premium through single mode of payment.Click here to read 

COVID-19 UPDATE Read more