“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”


Let us remember the Red Letter Day of 11th July 1960
During the year 1960, Central Government employees organized a nation-wide strike against the meager increase of pay of 14.2%. The role played in the above strike by our founder leader KR and others is given below.
KR issued an appeal to all workers exhorting them to be prepared for all sacrifices and sufferings to secure a better tomorrow. KR was arrested on the mid night of 11thJuly 1960 and interned in Tihar Jail in Delhi. The strike was called off unconditionally after 5 days on 16-7-1960. 45,945 employees who took part in the strike were proceeded against under departmental proceedings. 27,098 were suspended. 17,771 were proceeded against in courts of law and more than 800 were dismissed or removed due to court convictions. 976 were dismissed due to departmental proceedings. 11 were compulsorily retired. 2137 were discharged from service. Termination notices were issued to 7589 officials.
It is a pity that KR was handcuffed chained both arms and legs and brought to court.
Let us remember the sacrifices of our old leaders and take pledge to follow their foot-steps in the coming days.
Our  sincere salute to the sacrificed leaders of the past.