“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”


DoPT has sent the Final Agenda Notes to Staff Side, National Council JCM for discussion during the meeting to be held on 26.6.2021. 29 Points Agenda Notes including withdrawal of DA/DR Freeze, MACP issues, COVID related demands.  Read more 

No financial implication in consideration of One time relaxation of RR of HSG I & HSG II,GS NUR-C writes to the Directorate.Read more

GS NUR-C visited Ghaziabad. Meerut. Muzaffarnagar &. Najibabad.on 20/06/2021Click here to view

Clarification on Operation of Joint B Type Accounts under National Savings Schemes.  Click here to view

Regarding re-investment of maturity value of National (Small) Savings Scheme in the same or in other National (Small) Savings Schemes Click here to view

Clarification on Rule-54 of POLI Rules, 2011Read more