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                                        Bro A.Hari

It is regret to  inform  that, after the 22nd all India conference of RMS and MMS  which was held in Amravati Maharashtra on 28th to 30th July 2019.while return journey of our FNPO delegate Bro A.Hari  from Kerala . Expired due to major Heart attack  at Nagpur Railway station.on 30.07.2019  11.00 AM.
FNPO secretary General shri. T. N. Rahate  personally visited at Meo Hospital today along with ADPS-1, ADPS-3  ASP, SRM and FNPO members of RMS and postal from Nagpur. Body of Bro. Hari is safely store in MEO hospital for Postmortem today at 11.00 AM.
After that Bro. Hari body will move by AIR from Nagpur to Mumbai and Mumbai to Trivandrum ( Kerala) tomorrow.
FNPO convey its heartfelt condolence to  the family members of Bro. Hari

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