“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Indefinite Strike Notice from 18.12.18 served by NUGDS and AIGDSU -FNPO decided to Extend  moral support Click here to view.

Appeal from the Department to our General Secretary T.N Rahate.Click here to view 

Future course of action of NJCA on Minimum Wage, Fitment Formula, NPS and Other issues .Clcik here to view.

To resign is a right of an employee who cannot be forced to serve in case he is not willing until and unless there is some stipulation in the rules or in the terms of appointment or disciplinary proceedings is pending or contemplated which is sought to be avoided by resigning from the services.”-Supreme Court JudgementClick here to read.

Benefit of Compassionate Appointment When Pend ency of Criminal Appeal: Supreme Court Judgement Read more