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Circular 01/2017 12/01/2017
All CWC Members,
All Circle Secretaries of NUGDS.
Dear colleagues,
You are aware that we have decided earlier not to go any agitation demanding publication of GDS committee report.We have taken this decision based on the discussion taken place with General secretaries of FNPO affiliated unions and Chairman Postal Board on 20/12/2016.
On 07/01/2017 SG FNPO contacted the Chairman, Postal Board, who assured that the report will be published within a week. We communicated the same to our colleagues and requested them to maintain patience for a another week. 
Meanwhile, on 10/01/2017 we were informed that our Minster cleared file and the report will be published on 11/01/2017. Though we did not post this message on our official website(w.w.w.fnpo.org) this message was posted by our colleagues in their circle website.
On 12/01/2017 evening SG FNPO contacted senior officers in Directorate. He was told that a report will be published within 2days SG FNPO recorded protest immediately saying there is a time limit for our patience. If the Department did not publish the GDS Committee Report as promised before the end of this
week, we have no other alternative except to go on the hunger fast on 18/01/2017 in all the circles. It is not our intention, but we are forced to go on the hunger fast.
On 12/01/2017 we enquired the issue with our officers in Directorate SG FNPO was informed that Minster’s office has delayed the file citing Election Commission code of conduct.
We cannot remain silent at this stage.
In the fast, GDS Committee reports were published on the same day of submission of it to the Department.
The GDS Committee report is not a secret or confidential one. However, we agree with the Department when the report was referred to the Minster in the larger of interest of GDS not to satisfy any officers.
In the above situation, FNPO &NUGDS have decided to go on agitation from 17/01/2017.
The Programme of agitation:-
Circle Secretaries of NUGDS and CHQ office bearers should take part in HUNGER FAST in front
of Circle office. The programme should start at 10 AM and end at 5 PM.
Lunch hour demonstration at Diratroate on 24/01/2017.
Submission of Memorandum to Hon'ble Prime Minster on 25/01/2017.
The further course of action will be announced later.
With kind Regards
Yours Sincerely,
D. Theagarajan.                                          P.U. Muraleedharan,

Secretary General                                General Secretary, NUGDS

T-24,Atul Grove Road, New Delhi - 110 001. Phone : 011-23321378
E-mail: theagarajannachi@hotmail.com.
  Ref;FNPO NUGDS/01                                     Dated 12/01/2017
The Chief Post Master General
................................................ Circle.
Dear Sir,
Sub: Indefinite delay for Publishing GDS Commission Report.
Consequent to the direction of My federation &NUGDS CHQ the undersigned
will go on a hunger fast along with my circle office bearers on 17/01/2017 in
circle office premises in a peaceful manner.
In this connection, my federation and NUGDS CHQ has sent a letter to theChairman, Postal Board (copy enclosed).
This is for your information.
Yours Sincerely,

Circle secretary.