“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Today SGFNPO and President FNPO met the following officers in the Directorate :
Member(Tech), DDG(Finance), Director(Estt), Director(Staff) and Director (SR).
Out come of the meeting:
1)  Action is being taken by the Directorate to resolve CBS issues
2)  Flood Advance for Tamilnadu Circle: DDG(Finance) approved the file. Now the file is with JS &FA for final approval.
3)  MMS Cadre restructuring file is now with JS & FA.

PJCA meeting held in NFPE office at      3 p.m. Details of the meeting will be posted in our web. Shortly.

Special postal covers on Gandhis life events released

Kolkata, Feb 8 (PTI) To commemorate various events in the life of Mahatma Gandhi, the postal department today released four special covers for philately lovers.
The covers, designed by Alok K Goyal, who runs the online stamp shop www.stamps-n-stamps.com, are based on the route to India followed by Gandhi in 1914 from South Africa, arrival in 1915, last meeting with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in 1940 and Gandhi attending the second Round Table Conference in London in 1931.
Mit Kumar, Deputy Director of India Post, said "It is an excellent initiative in commemorating 76 years of Netajis last meeting with Gandhiji along with other special covers."
These covers have been issued in a very limited number of 1,000 each.
The covers are affixed with different materials like canvas, wool, silk, wood, etc.
Earlier in October 2015, the department had issued two covers during the West Bengal Philatelic Exhibition (Daker Saaj 2015).
Goyal said they have tied up with the postal department to release a total of 33 such postal covers, each one marking different events in Gandhis life.