“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!!
FNPO affiliated unions Divisional /Branch/Circle secretaries are organised successful strike across the country. Though our Federation issued strike notice in the last minute our colleagues made the strike successful  in the base.
During Verification process our sister unions played all sort of misdeeds in the Branches / Divisions this has resulted in wide gap between sister unions and us.
Our Federation explains the reasons for participating 2 September 2015 strike to the colleagues through circulars and e mails.   Some of the colleagues are not agreeing with Federation but organized strike well in their Circle/Divisions/Branches. Our Federation conveys its sincere thanks to all our colleagues to made the strike success.
According official information the strike Percentage is 70% across the Nation in the India Post.
Circle wise percentage will be published soon I once again thank my Circle/Division/ Branch Secretaries for their cooperation.
Yours fraternally,