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Promotion and Postings in Postal Service Group "B" Cadre

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Postal department introduces new-designed postal-orders with revised postal-commissions

Department of Posts after 16 long years of revising commission for postal-orders in the year 1999 subsequent to CIC-recommendations in appeal-number CIC/BS/A/2014/000100/6573 dated 15.12.2014 has at last introduced new-designed postal-orders with revised postal-commissions (copies attached) abolishing obsolete and never used lower denominations of rupees 1, 2, 5 and 7.
Responsibility should be fixed and action taken against those responsible for continuing printing old-designed postal-orders with old printed commission during past sixteen years.

- Even now newly-designed postal-orders still require name of payable post-office, which is a useless and heavily costly feature in present era of multi-city clearing of instruments of cheques, drafts, pay-orders and postal-orders.
A more recent CIC-verdict in appeal-number CIC/BS/A/2014/001442/7853 dated June 15, 2015 has again recommended Department of Posts to issue even further modified postal-orders payable at par at any post-office in India of course with commission to be charged at time of purchase of postal-orders.
But Department of Posts vide letter dated July 06, 2015 has ruled out important CIC-recommendation as a policy-matter without even going through merits of recommendations.

Bonus Ceiling issue to be discussed in Labour Conference – Amendement of Bonus Act with regard to removal conditions on bonus payment ceiling and Pay for bonus eligibility is one of the agenda points
47th Session of Standing Labour Committee revises agenda for 46th Session of Indian Labour Conference 
In a meeting held here on 10th July,2015 ,47th Session of Standing Labour Committee shortlisted agenda items for detailed deliberation in the 46th Session of Indian Labour Conference.
Sl. No.
Agenda Item
Implementation of the conclusions/ recommendations of the 43rd, 44th and 45th Indian Labour Conference, particularly on Contract Labour, Minimum Wages and Scheme Workers and Tripartite Mechanism
Social Security for the workers both in organized and unorganized sector
Amendment of Bonus Act – Removal of conditions on payment ceiling, eligibility limits, decisions to pay minimum bonus without linking to loss when the performance indicator satisfy grant of bonus
Labour Laws amendments proposed/done either by the Central or State Governments
Employment and Employment Generation
The Standing Labour Committee (SLC), a tripartite body is a pre-curs or to the Indian Labour Conference(ILC).  As a matter of practice, and to maintain continuous dialogue with social partners, meetings of these apex bodies are convened once in a year to discuss the topical issues concerning labour.  All the 12 Central Trade Union Organisations, Central Organisations of employers, all State Governments and Union Territories and Central Ministries/Departments concerned with the agenda items, are the members of the ILC and SLC

Split Cheque Book Inventory In DOP Finacle

Cheque Book inventory has to be split in Finacle after taking as inventory in Employee. In Post office, There are two leaf type of Cheque Books i.e. 20 and 50 leaves. According to situation we have to select no. of leaf at the time of split. The following process of split in Finacle
Menu Shortcut - HISIA Function Code - S-Split Location Code - Employee ID by Searcher
The following Screen is looking as given process.
Please fill the items per Unit as total no. of leaves in a Cheque Book.

  • No. of U

  • nites as No. of Cheque Book.
  • Click Submit.