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1.  Royal Mail appointed by Moonpig to deliver majority of gifts and cards

September 04, 2020 

Royal Mail has been appointed by Moonpig, the UK’s leading online card, gifting and flowers retailer, to deliver the majority of their gifts across the UK* via Royal Mail Tracked services**. Royal Mail has been delivering cards for Moonpig since the company’s foundation in 2000, but the new, expanded contract now covers the majority of gifts as well.

In the new contract, Moonpig is using Royal Mail’s new co-branded notifications feature to provide an improved brand experience for their customers. The co-branded notifications include Moonpig’s logo when online shoppers receive delivery updates on Royal Mail Tracked** and Special Delivery Guaranteed services.


This year, Royal Mail launched new Inflight delivery options for Tracked** services to support retailers by making deliveries even more flexible and convenient for their customers.


Royal Mail is the UK’s most trusted delivery provider for online shoppers. 77 per cent of online shoppers trust Royal Mail to deliver their purchases - more than any other delivery company (Royal Mail Delivery Matters 2020).

Nick Landon, Chief Commercial Officer at Royal Mail said “Moonpig has been doing a fantastic job keeping the country connected through the provision of high quality and personal gifts and cards for all occasions. We have a strong working relationship with the team and the new contract is a great opportunity for us to play our part by ensuring that we deliver them to friends and families across the UK through our trusted service.”


“We chose to work with Royal Mail as they offer a reliable service that people around the country know and trust. They were able to offer us fully tracked, later collections, the kind of flexibility that would ultimately benefit our customers,” said Tony Bannister, Shipping Director at Moonpig. “We offer the latest cut off time in the UK - our customers can order cards and gifts up to 7pm each day for same day dispatch.


This means that their orders can catch the post even after their usual Post Office has closed and the tracking for gifts can provide additional peace of mind to know when their gifts will arrive.”


Source : https://www.royalmailgroup.com/en/press-centre/press-releases/royal-mail



2.  Labour Day 2020

September 03 2020

This Monday, September 7, is Labour Day a time for organized labour to be seen, heard, and united. We celebrated with workers of the world on May 1 – international workers' day – and in September we have a statutory holiday which, for us, holds much the same meaning. Labour Day has been a holiday in Canada since 1894.


We encourage members across the country to participate in local events that show workers' collective strength, advocate for better rights and protections, and celebrate our achievements.


This year especially has shown what we're made of, and how we respond when workers are faced with danger and insecurity. Our union and others worked hard to protect workers from COVID-19, a threat of a kind that many had never seen in their lifetime. Employers and governments have recognized the essential nature of more jobs and workplaces, but many frontline workers are still not adequately protected – or adequately compensated – for their important work and the risks to which they are exposed. Racialized and other marginalized communities have been hit disproportionately hard by the pandemic. In a time of crisis, we lean on each other and use collective measures and collective power to solve our urgent problems.


Source : https://www.cupw.ca/en/labour-day-2020



No 74-2020


Formulated by UNI AproPost and Logistics Sector


1.  CEVA: Our LATAM services are growing at a fast pace.

September 10, 2020.


2.  The bpost group staff applauds to donate 25,000 euros to DigitalForYouth.be.September 09, 2020.


3.  Posti Group plans to change its operating model to accelerate the renewal of its business operations. September 08, 2020.


4.  Royal Mail appointed by Moonpig to deliver majority of gifts and cards. September 04, 2020.


5.  Labour Day 2020.September 03 2020


1.  CEVA: Our LATAM services are growing at a fast pace

September 10, 2020 

As part of its strategic expansion across the Latin American markets, CEVA Logistics has officially opened its own offices in Ecuador and Uruguay.


The company has been well established for many years in both countries through network partnerships and decided to open its own offices in each location to offer customers a full spectrum of multi-modal services.


Air, ocean and ground operations will be headquartered in Ecuador’s second city, Guayaquil, and multi-modal operations have been established in the capital Quito.


CEVA Logistics’ teams in Ecuador will keep serving existing local customers and develop business to provide end to end solutions for the perishables, consumer and oil & gas sectors.

Ecuador is a strategic market in the region. Production of perishable products is especially diverse (flowers, cocoa, seafood, fruits and vegetables…) and has a high potential.


Furthermore, Ecuador offers access to key export markets, in other Andean countries such as Colombia and Peru, as well as the USA, Asia and Europe.


Uruguay: a key market for intermodal and exports

With a head office in Montevideo, CEVA Logistics’ own operation in Uruguay will especially serve customers in agriculture & livestock farming, focusing on exports in products such as rice, citrus fruits, wood, leather, meat and dairy products.


The team will also target key markets such as the technological, industrial and healthcare sectors.


CEVA Logistics will offer customers a range of multi modal services across air, ocean, road and Contract Logistics.


These will include intermodal services through to Argentina and Paraguay along with Customs Brokerage services for imports and exports. The main export focus will be on ocean & ground including multimodal transport up to Argentina & Paraguay.


Uruguay is a logistics hub in the area thanks to the port of Montevideo, which is the main point of departure for ocean traffic, especially for shipments from Paraguay.


As part of the CMA CGM Group,CEVA Logistics will create synergies to develop new domestic and international ground services. Furthermore, Mercosul Line, one of the leading players in Brazil’s domestic container shipping market, services will be a key asset to further promote business between Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.


Nadia Ribeiro, Managing Director LATAM, CEVA Logistics, says: “Our LATAM services are growing at a fast pace and this expansion of our own offices network is the next step to serve our customers and offer the most innovative and best-in-class services.”



The Ecuador team is under the leadership of Sebastian Enriquez, Station Manager Ecuador, and the country reports to the Managing Director of Colombia & Ecuador, Mauricio Galindo. While in Uruguay the new operation is under the leadership of Station Manager, Michelle Nobile that reports to the Managing Director of Argentina & Uruguay, Juan Blanco.


Source : https://postandparcel.info/126645/news/freight



2.  The bpost group staff applauds to donate 25,000 euros to DigitalForYouth.be

September 09, 2020

Representatives of the bpost group staff have presented a check for 25,000 euros to the non-profit organization DigitalForYouth.be. This sum was collected by the employees during a major solidarity campaign that was organized in the company. With that money, the non-profit organization will be able to deliver a laptop to 250 young people from all over Belgium.


The corona crisis has shown that the digital divide in our society is far from being closed. With the start of the lockdown, everyone became aware of the large digital divide in our society. Many young people had limited access to education because they did not have a laptop at home. Not only could they not complete assignments or receive teaching materials, but the contact with the teacher was sometimes lost from one day to the next.


Solidary decibels at bpost and laptops for DigitalForYouth.be

The non-profit organization DigitalForYouth.be, which was founded in 2019 by domain name manager DNS Belgium and Close the Gap, therefore launched a major campaign at the end of March to collect portable computers from companies for young people with digital needs.


The campaign was a great success and in two months time almost 15,000 laptops were collected, of which 13,000 turned out to be of sufficient quality to be used again.


bpost group wants to bring people closer together and make an important contribution to Belgian society through contemporary learning experiences.


At the end of June, therefore, the 26,000 Belgian employees of bpost also contributed by applauding and making noise in all corners of the country for the support and cooperation during the Corona period. For every decibel registered, an amount was donated - through the bpost Literacy Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation - to DigitalForYouth.be to support the non-profit organization in its pursuit of a digital, but inclusive society.


Philip Du Bois, chairman of DigitalForYouth.be : “The wave of solidarity that started exceeded our expectations. We are extremely grateful that thanks to the massive support we have been able to provide 13,000 young people with a laptop. With the financial support we receive from bpost, we can cover the logistics costs associated with the collection and reorganization of the laptops. Thanks to all who have warmly supported this campaign! ”


Jean-Paul Van Avermaet, CEO of the bpostgroup : “ bpost and DigitalForYouth.be share the same values ​​of solidarity, proximity and inclusion. These values ​​are not empty words for our company and our staff. The enthusiasm of all employees during their participation in the “Make noise” campaign on 26 June is another example of this. People applauded, played musical instruments, sang ... Noise was made in every site to help the youngest keep in touch with their school. The official presentation of this check is a source of pride for every employee of bpost group. ” 


Nico Cools, CIO and Chief Digital Officer of the bpost group: “ One of the greatest missions of the bpost group is to bring people closer together. So we are happy to support the DigitalForYouth.be project, which has a direct social impact on youth. By giving young people a laptop, we close the digital divide to some extent and bring children closer to their school, thus ensuring educational continuity for everyone, which benefits emancipation and equality of opportunity.bpost group has always been very committed importance to sustainable development and therefore opted for an ecological project: with every refurbished PC, 18.5 kg CO2 can be saved, which means a total of more than 4600 kg CO2 less for all 250 PCs together ”.


A laptop as a connecting means between the student, school and society

DigitalForYouth.be does not only support schools in Belgium, however. Via the PC Solidarity calls, the non-profit association has been providing laptops since 2009, in collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation, for organizations that work daily to close the digital divide in Belgium.


This summer, another 800 laptops were sent out to support young people in strengthening their digital skills. In addition, the organization has set up a second collection campaign to collect 4,000 laptops for pupils in Wallonia as well.


The needs for ICT therefore remain high in our society. Everyone can still contribute. For more information, please visit the DigitalForYouthwebsite https://www.digitalforyouth.be/


Source :https://www.ipc.be/news-portal



3.     Posti Group plans to change its operating model to accelerate the renewal of its business operations

September 08, 2020

Posti Group is planning to change its operating model in order to accelerate the renewal of the Group’s business operations and to increase agility and productivity.


The planned changes will affect the Group’s organizational structures, ways of working, and job positions. Consequently, Posti will initiate cooperation negotiations concerning mainly expert and supervisory positions in Finland.


The disruption of the postal industry and the digitalization of society have had a significant impact on Posti’s operations. The COVID-19 situation has further accelerated this transformation. In the second quarter, the number of addressed letters decreased by a record-breaking 24 percent in Finland; at the same time, parcel volumes increased significantly and competition in the industry has intensified. Posti must be able to respond to the rapidly changing needs of its customers in a more agile manner and to renew in a situation where part of its business has changed permanently. The company will also review its strategy and, if necessary, will adjust it during the remainder of the year.


“Our industry is undergoing a major transformation, and the COVID-19 situation has accelerated the pace of change even further. We must respond to the changing needs of our customers and renew our operations much faster than today. This is why we are planning to change our operating model, aiming to accelerate the renewal of our business operations and to improve operational efficiency. Unfortunately, this change will have impacts on personnel. However, we must look into the future and make the changes that the situation requires. The next three years will be a critical time for ensuring our competitiveness.


We are doing our best to support our personnel in this change situation,” says TurkkaKuusisto, President and CEO of Posti Group.


The cooperation negotiations concern employees in mainly expert and supervisory roles in Finland. The estimated reduction need is approximately 130 positions. Freight Services and Transval are not in the scope of the negotiations. Cost savings are sought also in many additional ways, for example, through reviewing the ratio between outsourced work and work done by Posti’s own employees. The cooperation negotiations will commence on September 15, 2020 and will last for at least six weeks unless the parties concerned agree to conclude the process earlier. Posti employs about 22 000 people.


Change in operating model aims to improve services and customer experience

Posti seeks to adjust its operating model in a way that enforces the profit and loss responsibility of Posti’s business groups and allows them to develop and direct their operations to meet customer needs in a more holistic manner. The objective is to improve Posti’s services and customer experience. The operational efficiency of the business groups is planned to be increased, and some of the joint group functions would be decentralized and streamlined. The current cost structure is heavy compared to the financial capacity of the businesses. The planned changes and improved operational efficiency aim to create significant savings.


Source : https://www.posti.com/en/media/media-news/2020