“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

 Clothes were distributed in Malampuzha Anakkallu tribal village byFNPO NUR Group-C and NUR MGs & MTS  Kerala Circle,

There are a lot of places in Kerala where tribal people live struggling for their survival due to Covid, natural disasters, modernisation, and climate change. Apart from these, they are facing an increasing threat from the attack of wild animals too. In this scenario, under the aegis of FNPO NUR Group-C and NUR MGs & MTS  Kerala Circle, clothes were distributed in Malampuzha Anakkallu tribal village. It was inaugurated by Palakkad Hon'ble MP Shri. V.K.  Sreekandan and presided over by the Circle President Shri.Philip Mathew. Village heads Sri. Velayudhan and Sri. Gopi were honoured. Felicitations were given by NUR Group-C Federal Council Member Sri. Shafeeq Rahman, Congress Mandalam President Sri. K.M. Raveendran, Anakkallu Tribal School PTA President Sri.V. Vidyadharan, Ex Ward Member Sri. Unnikrishnan, Ex Circle Secretary Sri. S. Ravindran, Program Coordinators Sri.B. Anilkumar, and Smt. Sisira Vinod, Division Secretaries Sri. Nevin Paul, Sri. T.P. Mansoor, Sri. Lishin Louis, Sri. V Ashraf and HQ Regional representative Sri. R. J. Aneesh.  "We have distributed clothes to every house of this village when outside help was most necessary for them and therefore, the village people are most satisfied at our aid" said NUR Group-C Circle Secretary Sri. P. K. Muralidharan and NUR MGs and MTS Circle Secretary Sri. N.V. Vinod.   Apart from this, all were thanked who cooperated with this program.