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 IPPB Virtual Debit Card & IPPB UPI service has been started by India Post Payments Bank


How to activate IPPB Virtual Debit Card?

As we know that every IPPB customer wants to get their IPPB debit card. Now they can get a virtual debit card of India Post Payments Bank by applying a request in the IPPB Mobile application.

Before applying for IPPB virtual debit card online in the IPPB mobile app, the application should be updated in the latest version The latest version of this application is available at Google Play Store.

01. Just open IPPB Mobile Application.
02. Click on Cards. Below screen will appear.

03. Click on Virtual Debit Card.
04. Accept terms and conditions and click on the continue option to request for IPPB Virtual Debit Card.
05. It will be activated after ten days. When it will be generated that you will get notified by IPPB. See screenshot of notification.

How IPPB Virtual Debit Card works?

I have already explained the process of applying for Virtual Debit Cards in IPPB. This process is simple and very easy. There is no paperwork, lengthy verification, or credit check to go through. You can be approved and receive your virtual debit card direct to IPPB mobile application. It includes a 16-digit card number, expiry date, and CVV2 number, 

It is called a “virtual” card because you use it for online purchases where an actual card will not be required. You can use your virtual debit card on any website that takes Visa or Mastercard – Amazon, eBay, and more! 

One time virtual debit card issuance fee is Rs. 25.00 (including GST). The issuance fees will be debited to your IPPB account. 


It is a Rupay card means it will work only in India. You can not do international transactions through this IPPB debit card. It will be activated for online transactions within India.

Benefits of the IPPB Virtual debit card?

It is a debit card of India Post Payments Bank that works like other bank debit cards. It is not available as physical but it will be used at any shopping mall/online payment/online shopping to pay the payment.

Here I am sharing some specific features of this IPPB Virtual Debit Card. 

01. Instant Availability, No credit checks, no lengthy verification – The process to get IPPB Virtual debit card is a quick, and simple process that means anyone can apply for their virtual debit card through IPPB mobile application.

02. Universal Acceptance: IPPB virtual debit cards can be used to make online purchases with retailers around the world who accept Visa or Mastercard as a payment method.

03. Secure Payment: IPPB virtual card details are sent straight to your email inbox. Because it is working as a normal debit card hence the payment system which was done through this virtual card is highly secure. 

What is UPI Service of India Post Payments Bank?

I am glad to share the latest news of IPPB that India Post Payments Bank has now been started the UPI service to their customers. Now IPPB customers can register in UPI applications link Bhim, Phone pe, Google Pay, etc. by using an IPPB account.

The full form of UPI is Unified Payments Interface means it is an immediate real-time payment system that helps in instantly transferring the funds between the two bank accounts through a mobile platform. 

How to register UPI service in IPPB Mobile Application? 

Recently, India Post Payments Bank has been released the latest version of the IPPB Mobile application. Bhim UPI option is available in the latest version of the IPPB Mobile app. Here I am sharing the procedure to activate the UPI service in the IPPB account.

01. Update the IPPB Mobile Application (recommended).
02. Open IPPB Mobile App and click on Bhim UPI option.
03. Click on manage UPI ID. App will generate your UPI Id.

05. Now you can avail of the UPI payment system from IPPB saving account link send money, request money, etc.

Methods for sent and request money through IPPB UPI service

Money can be sent or requested with the following methods:

Virtual Payment Address (VPA) or UPI ID: Send or request money from/to bank account mapped using VPA.

Mobile number: Send or request money from/to the bank account mapped using mobile number.

Account number & IFSC: Send money to the bank account.

Aadhaar: Send money to the bank account mapped using Aadhaar number.

QR code: Send money by QR code which has enclosed VPA, Account number and IFSC or Mobile number

How to add IPPB bank in Google Pay, Phone Pe, and Bhim?

As we already know that India Post Payments Bank has been started UPI service for their customers. It means IPPB user can also register in UPI applications like Google Pay, Phone Pe, and Bhim.

You must have IPPB virtual Debit card to register in Google Pay, Phone Pe, and Bhim UPI applications through IPPB account.


Check to make sure that your bank works with UPI. If it doesn’t, your bank account won’t work with Google Pay.


You might need to give Google Pay permission to send a verification SMS to your bank. 

01. Download Google Pay, Phone Pe, Bhim from Google Play Store.
02. In the top right corner, click on the three dots.
03. A new page will appear, here tap on 'Payment Methods'.
04. It will direct you to a new page here, click on 'Add Bank Account'.
05. Numerous options will be displayed, choose your 'Bank name' from the list.
06. After selecting a bank, a pop-up will appear, tap 'Allow'.
07. Another pop-up will appear showing the account link, click 'Ok'.
08. A verification SMS will be sent; after that, your mobile number will be verified and after that your account. It is totally an automated process.
09. After verification, a new page will be displayed. Now tap on 'Enter UPI PIN' to link the New Bank account. or Enter Debit card Detail (enter your IPPB virtual debit details)
10. As you enter Debit card details, the bank account would be linked to the Google Pay app.