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No 71-2020


Formulated by UNI AproPost and Logistics Sector


1.  Post Office seeks government assistance. September 03, 2020.


2.  Australia Post asks staff to volunteer their cars to help clear backlog of parcels. September 02, 2020.


4.  Swiss Post acquires notime AG. September 01, 2020.


5.  Electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz vans.

August 28, 2020.


1.  Post Office seeks government assistance

September 03, 2020

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Post Office has recorded a loss of nearly R1-billion in the first quarter, almost equalling the total from the previous full financial year.


This comes as the state-owned entity's board is embroiled in a battle with Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams over alleged interference. 


The entity's financial position is so dire it now needs more than R7-billion in additional funding from the government to stay afloat but government is currently facing a record budget deficit and has been trying to stop giving bailouts to state-owned enterprises.


The post office is one of a number of state-owned entities looking to government for assistance. 


The SABC, Airports Company of South Africa and Denel have all approached National Treasury for funding. 


The Post Office needs the funding for operations, liabilities owed to Post Bank, and severance packages. 


Source : https://www.enca.com/news



2.  Australia Post asks staff to volunteer their cars to help clear backlog of parcels

September 02,2020

Australia Post workers have been asked if they can use their own cars or volunteer to work extra time to hack away at the agency’s backlog of parcel deliveries.


Employees in Victoria were sent an email asking if staff with a driver’s licence and car were free to pick up parcels and deliver them to customers.


An Australia Post spokesman told 7NEWS.com.au staff would be reimbursed for the use of their cars and anyone who volunteered their time would get time off in lieu.


“So far we’ve had around 200 of our Melbourne office based team members express interest to lend a hand to their front line colleagues to deliver for customers during one of our busiest periods ever, particularly in Victoria,” a spokesperson said.


Staff who volunteer were asked to disclose whether they are able to carry up to 16kg of mail and parcels.


The spokesperson added the work will involve “minimal contact with others” and all volunteers will be provided with personal protective equipment.


Those who put their hands up will also receive training.


The call for volunteers is not unusual for Australia Post and occurs every year in the lead up to Christmas.

A boom in online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic and virus-safe restrictions at Australia Post facilities, particularly in Victoria, is being blamed for the mail backlog.


Australia Post Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Christine Holgate last week said the pandemic has forced the business to make changes to how it operates.


“The pandemic has also severely impacted our ability to deliver across the country on time,” she said in a statement.


“We had to make temporary changes, including new parcel pop-up facilities and chartering planes for air freight, to continue to serve the country during what has been a very uncertain year.”


She added Australia Post staffers were a vital part of the business.


“They continued to show up for work each and every day through uncertain times and worked hard to ensure the community had sustained access to essential goods and services,” Holgate said.


Source : https://7news.com.au/business/australia-post



3.  Outsourcing of postal IT: FO written to the Minister

In the midst of the COVID crisis, while the French economy is suffering from a significant drop in activity, La Poste is continuing its actions to outsource an entire part of its activities. FO Com continues to act to oppose these projects which are at the origin of the constant decline in the number of postal IT workers, but also the loss of jobs in France from our own subcontractors, to the benefit of countries lower social price, especially in Morocco and India. We have already questioned the president of La Poste on this subject in July 2020.


For FO, it was a question of reacting to this real social dumping aimed at creating competition between the working conditions and remuneration of postal workers, with the wage and social practices of countries little concerned with the living conditions of their workers. And yet, La Poste should take care of its stated policy of social and environmental responsibility by putting a little consistency with its economic choices.


The response of July 9, 2020 from President Wahl through Ms. Decaux, HR Director of Le Groupe La Poste is disappointing.


No real response to the content of our request! Forget the rhetoric on national solidarity as soon as there are some (financial) interests in transgressing them. The HRD does not react to our concerns, however clearly stated, and therefore does not call into question La Poste's offshore sourcing policy. Although the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and the State are the only two shareholders of La Poste, the management of the public company does not intend to endorse the government policy of relocating activities on the national territory… What a game of fools! In short, the world after does not look different from the world before, the proof: barely out of confinement, La Poste did not hesitate to sign another service contract to send activity to Poland. !


Source : http://www.focom-laposte.fr/



4.  Swiss Post acquires notime AG

September 01, 2020

On 28 August 2020, Swiss Post acquired all shares in notime AG, having previously been the majority shareholder. By doing so, Swiss Post has strengthened its position in the growing same-day delivery market. Furthermore, this development will enable even better use of the existing logistics synergies between the former partners.


Following the acquisition, notime AG is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swiss Post. Swiss Post has thus strengthened its position in the growing same-day delivery market, adopting a forward-looking model that is already a reality for notime in a number of cities throughout Switzerland: thanks to optimized route planning, ordered goods are delivered on the same day by bicycle or electric scooter. Swiss Post has been the majority shareholder in notime AG since 15 March 2018. The parties have agreed to maintain confidentiality over the details of the sale. The acquisition took effect on 28 August 2020. 


notime AG customers to receive a contract with Swiss Post

Swiss Post is confident that it can make even better use of the existing synergies with notime. In the next phase, the two parties will enhance the compatibility of their same-day products and harmonize their processes. Furthermore, notime’s existing IT system covers key Swiss Post requirements. In future, Swiss Post will continue developing the system in conjunction with notime. Current business customers of notime AG will receive new contracts with Swiss Post.


CEC applies to notime employees 

As a Swiss Post subsidiary within the new organizational structure, notime provides food and same-day delivery services. All drivers will continue to be employed by notime. In June, notime has concluded a collective employment contract with its social partners, which will take effect on 1 October of this year. 


About notime

notime is a Swiss technology company that offers bicycle courier services. The Zurich-based startup specializes in optimized route planning for consignments that are to be delivered on the same day and within a few hours. The notime platform enables online retailers to automate their entire process – from the moment customers place their order in an online shop right through to the time their goods are delivered. notime offers a full-service solution for same-day deliveries with specific time slots. The staff at notime collect the ordered goods from online retailers and deliver them directly to end customers in various Swiss cities.


Source : https://www.post.ch/en/about-us/media/press-releases/2020



5. Electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz vans

August 28, 2020

Amazon has ordered more than 1,800 battery-electric eVito and eSprinter from Mercedes-Benz Vans to be used across Europe. The order includes around 600 medium-sized eVito and more than 1,200 of the large-size eSprinter van.


This latest electric vehicle announcement from Amazon is another sign that it is getting serious about reducing its emissions in the last mile.


“The addition of 1,800 electric delivery vehicles is another step in our journey to building the most sustainable transportation fleet in the world, and we will be moving fast to get these vans on the road this year." - Jeff Bezos, Amazon


The electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz will be deployed across Europe, starting this year.


Mercedes-Benz has announced that from 2022, its own passenger car and vans plants will be CO2-neutral. Battery production will also be CO2-neutral worldwide from 2022.


Amazon Logistics Germany has been using electric vehicles since 2018. It has previously sourced electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and Deutsche Post’s StreetScooter. The Amazon Delivery Station in Essen already has about 340 charging points.


The eSprinter vans ordered by Amazon will be panel vans with a range of 168 km and a maximum payload of 891 kilograms.


The eVito vans have a maximum speed of 80kmh (for urban use), and a range of 150km to 184km.


Source  : http://www.thepostalhub.com/blog


No 72-2020


Formulated by UNI AproPost and Logistics Sector


1.   DHL Express opens service center in Australia.

September 03, 2020.


2.   Posti’s home care services to merge with Stella Care.

September 02, 2020.


3.   Further service impacts imminent with Australia Post’s latest band-aid for resourcing failures, Union warns.

September 02, 2020.


4.   Canada Post says dog attacks on mail carriers have increased during pandemic.September 01, 2020.


5.   USPS says service performance has significantly improved.September 01, 2020.



1.  DHL Express opens service center in Australia

September 03, 2020

DHL Express has announced the opening of a new 8,600m service center in Sydney, Australia. At a total of investment of A$50m (€36.7m), the company says this represents its largest infrastructure investment in the country since it entered the market in 1972.


Gary Edstein, CEO and senior vice president, DHL Express Oceania, commented on the expansion, “This multi-million-dollar investment is a true testament to DHL Express’s ongoing commitment to supporting the international expansion of Australian businesses.


Our new Sydney Service Centre has been designed with operational efficiency and productivity at the forefront, benefiting our customers with industry-leading service and enhanced access to international markets. Ahead of the curve, this facility will cater to projected Australian demand for express cross-border import and export services over the next 10 years.”


The facility is more than twice the size of the one it is replacing and DHL states it is equipped with the latest industry technology and designed for optimal shipment processing efficiency. Housed within a clear span uniform structure, it features an automated material handling system spanning 1.1km with a throughput capacity of 4,200 pieces per hour.


A high-speed dimensioning and weighing system with multi-sided cameras ensures continuous monitoring of all shipment processing activities. Inbound and outbound operations are facilitated by two automated scissor lifts, 380m of castor decking and unit load device (ULD) in-feed and out-feed positions. More than 200m of automated distribution conveyors move processed shipments straight to 99 direct load vehicle positions, enabling simultaneous loading of freight for courier delivery.


DHL notes the facility has been designed to meet the internationally recognized Transported Asset Protection (TAPA) Level ‘A’ security certification, and features extensive closed-circuit television (CCTV) and high speed x-ray screening systems.


Source : https://www.parcelandpostaltechnologyinternational.com/news/operations



2.     Posti’s home care services to merge with Stella Care

September 02, 2020

Posti Group Corporation and Stella Care Oy have signed an agreement according to which Stella Care Oy will acquire the entire share capital of PostiKotipalvelut Oy.


PostiKotipalvelut Oy provides a broad range of home care and personal assistance services across Finland. The company provides services to customers mainly as a service paid by the municipality. The company employs approximately 700 care professionals.


Stella Care is part of Stella Group, one of the leading providers of home-delivered services in Finland. The company employs approximately 1,300 home care and home service professionals and has over 5,000 customers. Stella’s largest service area is home care services. In addition, the company offers home cleaning services in several locations.


The transaction has no impact on the employment contracts or existing customer relationships of PostiKotipalvelut Oy. The transaction became effective on September 1, 2020. The companies have agreed not to publish the transaction price.


The divestment is in line with Posti’s strategy to continue its determined renewal and focus on its core businesses. Posti seeks growth especially in the Parcel and eCommerce and Logistics businesses, in which the company sees significant potential in the future.


– I am happy and proud that our skilled, amiable, and responsible care professionals will join a team with specifically home care as its core business. We value the work of home care professionals. We are pleased that our customers will have Stella as their partner, as the company can offer an even wider range of services. Even after the transaction, our customers will continue to receive home care from the same care professionals that they have come to know, says Jani Lindström, Vice President, Posti Home Services.


– I want to warmly welcome our colleagues from Posti home care services into our work community, says JarnoKarhinen, CEO of Stella.


– Home care and different home services play a key role in addressing the social challenges of an ageing population. As a significantly larger player, we can respond to these challenges even more effectively, Karhinen says.


Public sector transport services are not included in the transaction

The transaction does not include Posti’s public sector transport services, such as transport of meals or laboratory samples, pharmaceutical and hospital products, or for instance library books.

Following the transaction, Posti Group Corporation will become a minority shareholder in Stella Care Oy. In the future, the shareholding will be recorded in Posti’s Consolidated Financial Statements under other non-current investments. The transaction has no impact on Posti Group Corporation’s outlook for 2020.


Source : https://www.posti.com/en/media/media-news/2020



3.  Further service impacts imminent with Australia Post’s latest band-aid for resourcing failures, Union warns

September 02, 2020

Editor’s Note: This afternoon Australia Post has scrapped bonus payments for its executive team after facing pressure for asking workers to volunteer. The media release below has been updated to reflect the announcement this afternoon.


The Union representing postal workers has warned Australia Post’s latest band-aid fix for its resourcing failures will only result in further service impacts.


Australia Post’s request for employees in Victoria to use their own transportation and work unpaid overtime on weekends to help clear a backlog of parcel deliveries was just another band-aid fix for an imploding operating model, said CEPU Communications Union National President Shane Murphy.


The Union called out the Australia Post executive group for continuing to ignore its resourcing failures and said management should instead scrap their reduced service model and prioritise fixing ongoing issues with systemic underemployment in Australia Post.


“There are hundreds of vacant delivery rounds across the country and under regulation changes which slash services to the public, posties are being directed to start later in the day – forcing them to leave parcels behind, or bring them back at the end of their shifts undelivered, every day across Victoria and the rest of the country,” Mr Murphy said today.

“The backlog exists because posties can simply not catch up.


“Is this the sort of bright idea that the executive group believe justifies the CEO’s request for them to share in $7 million in bonus payments? 


“Today it is being reported that one million Australians are unemployed. Australia Post has hundreds of vacancies across the country they are refusing to fill which would fix their delivery bottlenecks and provide jobs to those who need them, easing the pressure on government unemployment benefits.


“You don’t need to be an accountant to figure out $7 million in executive bonuses could be better spent on fixing underemployment and delivering the services the community expects.


“The Federal Government has regulated service cuts and regulated wage freezes for frontline postal workers who are putting their health and safety on the line each day they go to work, yet it seems Minister Fletcher is refusing to put his foot down to stop the Australia Post executive group from sharing in $7 million in bonuses. It’s a disgrace.


“Highly paid public sector executives shouldn’t be rewarded for taking the harshest cuts to our community’s postal service in 200 years.


“Postal regulation changes have not improved deliveries; they’ve only regulated to accommodate Australia Post’s continued underemployment failures.  


“We challenge Minister Fletcher to accompany us to posties’ workplaces to hear first-hand from these frontline workers on just how detrimental these changes are for this essential community service.” Mr Murphy said.


Source :http://www.cepu.org/2020/09/02



4.  Canada Post says dog attacks on mail carriers have increased during pandemic

September 01, 2020

TORONTO -- Canada Post is asking homeowners to keep their dogs away from postal service workers, due to a rise in dog attacks on mail carriers during the pandemic.


“We have seen an increase this year of incidents across the country,” the Crown corporation said in an email to CTVNews.ca.


According to Canada Post, around 41 per cent of households in Canada have dogs. Postal service workers come into contact with pets when they drop off mail, and with everyone at home during the pandemic, the chances of them coming face-to-face with a dog is even greater than usual.

“As much as we love our canine pets, they are protective of their home and their family, and it’s impossible for delivery agents to know how any dog will react when they approach your home to deliver the mail,” Canada Post said in a statement. “Dog incidents can range from encounters with threatening dogs to being attacked and bitten.”


Canada Post is asking homeowners not to open their doors during mail delivery, as this not only can make physical distancing harder, but can allow a dog to rush outside at an unsuspecting mail carrier. They are reminding the public to wait until a postal service worker has left to go pick up the mail or packages left on the doorstep.


“A way to prevent your dog from approaching our employees is to keep them in another room for the time of the delivery,” the statement added.


In a video posted to its social media accounts back in April, Canada Post told dog owners that mail carriers still “appreciate a wave though from you and your pet,”with a graphic of a person and a dog waving through a window.  


Source :https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada



5.  USPS says service performance has significantly improved

September 01, 2020 

In a letter transmitted yesterday to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, the Postal Service provided service performance charts showing significant increases in all mail categories. 

In mid-July, the Postal Service reemphasized the need to adhere to our existing transportation schedule, committing to be more disciplined by ensuring that our trucks should run on time and on schedule.  As other parts of our processing network adjusted to meet the transportation schedule, there was a dip in overall service performance in late July and early August.


In his letter to the Committees, Postmaster General DeJoy stated, “As I testified, the intervening service declines should not have happened, but the changes are fundamental and necessary, and the Postal Service is strongly committed to fixing the problems by identifying and rectifying their root causes.  While there are a number of factors at play related to service performance, including pressures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events, I am confident that the Postal Service’s performance will continue to improve overall, and that it will ultimately exceed our prior service performance levels.  This is an organization-wide commitment.”


The Postal Service has also committed to providing weekly service performance updates throughout the election season and the remainder of 2020.


The Postal Service has been working with the House Committee on Oversight and Reform staff regarding the provision of additional information.  This includes a discussion following the hearing regarding efforts to address any outstanding requests and new requests from the hearing, and to make arrangements to produce information in an orderly fashion.  We also arranged for today’s briefing regarding updated service performance information. 


Given the straightforward and cooperative nature of these communications with the Committee staff, we were frankly surprised and confused by Chairwoman Maloney’s statement today about her intent to issue a subpoena to the Postal Service.  We will continue to cooperate with the Oversight committees in both the House and Senate, and we fully intend to comply with our obligations under the law.


Source : https://postandparcel.info/126286/news/e-commerce