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SECRETARY GENERAL                                                                                                 B.SHIVAKUMAR


Ref: 08/FNPO/RMS/TN/2021                                                                                       05/03/2021


Shri.Pradipta Kumar Bisoi                                                                                       

The Chairman,

Postal Services Board,


New Delhi- 110001.

Respected Sir,

          Sub: Covid-19 Pandemic- Non implementation of DOP/DOPT orders-Reg.


It is reported by the Tamilnadu Circle Union of RMS that the Circle administration has not implemented any of the DOP and DOP &T/Health ministry guidelines with regard to covid-19 leave regularization despite repeated letters by our Union.

The General Secretary NUR”C”, letter, on the subject is self-explanatory and enclosed for your perusal and action.

My Federation is very much pained/shocked to bring it to your notice that if the DOP/DOPT/Health Ministry guidelines are not implemented by head of the circle, it will unnecessarily send wrong signals to the working class, hence the responsibility thrust on the DOP to find immediate solution and obtain feedback report from all the Circles including Tamilnadu Circle.


Your early action on the subject is highly solicited.


            Thanking you,

                                                                                                                                    Yours Sincerely


Secretary General