“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Today meeting out come

On 17.2.2020 two meetings held under the Chairmanship of Member P, with all Federations on Health Insurance Scheme for GDS and Extension business hours at POs. On behalf of FNPO B.Shivakumar SG, Sivaji Vasireddy, GS Napec, RH Guptha AGS Napec and PU Muralidharan G.S NUGDS has participated. 
National insurance company and Oriental insurance company presentation were given. Unions demanded to take up matter through Minister for implementation of ESIC or otherwise 50% premium should be paid by the Department. Finally, all are agreed to type up with OIC or NIC which more benefit to GDS on an experimental basis for a year.

 Regarding extension of business hours we opposed and told that it may be possible when there will be no problems in CSI or RICT including back-office work. Administration asked the list of offices where Counter PAs and SPM are forced to stay beyond working hours due to connectivity-related Tech problems and workload also. 

Hence all CS are requested to get information about problematic SOS two at least from each division in u r circle and submit the same to NAPE-C CHQ the copy of the letter which sent to CHQ may kindly be sent to Federation.
Secretary General.