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 Timely finalization of Departmental Inquiry Proceedings -improving vigilance administration.

Satarkta Bhawan, G.P.O. Complex,
Block A, INA, New Delhi-10023

GT. / NO. 000/VGL/A18

Dated 03.12.2021

Circular No. 21/12/21

Subject:- Timely finalization of Departmental Inquiry Proceedings -improving vigilance administration.

Reference: – (i) Commission’s Circular No. 8(1)(g)/99(2) dated 19.02.1999
(ii) Commission’s Circular No. 8(1)(g)/99(3) dated 03.03.1999
(iii) Commission’s Circular No. 3(v)/99(7) dated 06.09.1999
(iv) Commission’s Circular No. 000/VGL/18 dated 23.05.2000
(v) Commission’s Office Order No. 51/08/2004 dated 10.08.2004
(vi) Commission’s Circular No. 02/01/2016 dated 18.01.2016
(vii) Commission’s Circular No. 18/12/20 dated 14.12.2020
(viii) Commission’s Circular No. 19/09/21 dated 06.10.2021

The Central Vigilance Commission, as part of its functions of exercising superintendence over vigilance administration of the organizations covered under its advisory jurisdiction has, time and again, laid emphasis on timely completion of disciplinary proceedings.

2. However, it has been observed that in cases where Regular Departmental Action for Major Penalty has been initiated, one of the main reasons for delay in completion of disciplinary proceedings is due to the delay caused in the inquiry proceedings being conducted by the Inquiry Officers. The Commission, vide its Circular dated 03.03.1999 had prescribed the model time limit for the Inquiry Officers for conducting departmental inquiries. The same was reiterated vide circular dated 18.01.2016. The Model time limit is again reproduced below:-

Stage of Departmental InquiryTime limit prescribed
Fixing date of Preliminary Hearing and inspection of listed documents. submission of Defence Documents/witnesses and nomination of a Defence Assistant (DA) (if not already nominated)Within four weeks from the date of appointment of Inquiry Officer.
Inspection of relied upon documents/submission of list of Defence Witnesses/Defence Documents/Examination of relevancy of Defence Documents/ Defence Witnesses, procuring of additional documents and submission of certificates confirming inspection of additional documents
by CO/DA Issue of summons to the witnesses, fixing the date of Regular Hearing and arrangement for participation of witnesses in the Regular Hearing Regular Hearing on Day to Day basis
3 months
Submission of Writing Brief by PO to CO and IO15 days
Submission of Written Brief by PO/CO15 days
Submission of Inquiry Report from the date of receipt of Written Brief of PO/CO30 days

3. The Commission has directed that the above time schedule should be brought to the notice of all Inquiry Officers (already appointed/to be appointed in future) for strict compliance.

4. The Commission has further directed that all the Inquiry Officers be asked to submit a monthly report to the Disciplinary Authority concerned, indicating the present status/progress of the inquiry proceedings being conducted by them. A copy of the monthly report should also be endorsed to the CVO of the organizations concerned, by the Inquiry Officer. In case, it is found that the inquiry proceedings are getting delayed beyond the prescribed time limit, the CVO concerned should immediately take up the matter with the Inquiry Officer and Disciplinary Authority concerned to ensure timely action.

5. The above instructions may be noted for strict compliance and may also be brought to the notice of all the Disciplinary Authorities and Inquiry Officers.

(Rajiv Verma)